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Lawn Tennis Association - Lead Inclusion School Innovations Project

The second year of LTA's inclusion project aims to build on the momentum from year one by further increasing access to the sport of tennis for young SEND people and equip educators with the skills and knowledge to link their provision to established open court venues.


What’s involved: Each Lead Inclusion school selected will do the following:

  1. Link with a local open court tennis venue
  2. Work with a minimum of five schools, aiming to get a minimum of five (but ideally at least eight) teachers to take part in the training. A school can send more than one member of staff
  3. Introduce at least 50 young people (60% SEND) to the sport of tennis
  4. Engage with at least three volunteers
  5. Promote the LTA Tennis Leader opportunity to SEND and non-SEND young people
  6. Complete programme reporting and M&E as directed.


  • More young disabled people playing tennis in school
  • More young people playing competition in school
  • Sustainable links to the local open court venues which will help provide exit routes into the sport for young SEND people and their peers
  • Better upskilled staff able to deliver Tennis opportunity
  • Young SEND leaders (and their peers) able to act as leaders in the sport of tennis.

For your school to take part in this programme you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • YST Lead Inclusion School

Duration: This programme takes place between March 2024 – July 2024. The deadline for expressions of interest is 16 February 2024.

Find out more: about SEND inclusion programmes on our website - click here.