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Addressing the Balance – Gender Diversity

This pilot project aims to ensure that the School Games provides a welcoming, inspirational, accessible, and meaningful offer for all young people, including young people who identify across the gender spectrum.


Evidence of Need

It is estimated that around 0.4% of the UK’s population identify as non-binary, whilst it is thought that non-binary identities may be on the rise, particularly amongst young people.

Evidence suggests that non-binary people are:

·       Less likely to enjoy PE a lot

·       Significantly less likely to enjoy taking part in sport after school or lunchtime clubs a lot

·       Less likely to feel comfortable taking part in school PE and school sport

·       Less likely to feel that their ideas are listened to

·       Less likely to feel confident in trying new activities than their male and female counterparts.

Through this intervention we will seek to address these inequalities. We will bring together sports decision makers, practitioners, and young people themselves to develop and deliver a localised action plan to strengthen participation and positive experiences in School Games for young people that identify across the gender spectrum.