Preparing today’s pupils for tomorrow’s technology-driven world

by Dell EMC

Relearning education: why today’s schools need technologyIt’s time to relearn education. Children have put down their pen and paper and picked up new ways of learning, in a chalk-free classroom that’s had a technology-driven makeover.

The internet, now in its mid-twenties, has reshaped the way teachers, pupils and parents learn. For children, the go-to expert in today’s classrooms no longer stands at the front in a suit or dress. There first port of call for information is technology. And instead of flicking from chapter to chapter of content-crammed textbooks, pupils can tailor their learning experience by accessing easy-to-use, online courses, eBooks and podcasts.

The truth is, we’re surrounded by new innovations every day, whether we like it or not. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have created a community of online learners who no longer need a seat in the classroom, instead taking advantage of cloud computing to collaborate on the same course with users around the globe. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is moving from science fiction to reality, as it continues to understand and adapt to children’s preferred learning styles and abilities. And our handheld devices are enabling home-learning through downloadable apps.

But technology isn’t tailored to pupils alone. Teachers remain a necessity to our education system – and the internet knows it, offering new ways to increase pupils’ engagement, assessing class information, and improving the way lessons are delivered.

Dell EMC, a leading provider of IT solutions for education, is using data and devices to create the classrooms of tomorrow, preparing pupils for a working world that’s surrounded by technology. Comprising 60 educational specialists with over 25 years of experience, Dell EMC provides almost every school in the UK with the latest hardware, software and innovations, from high-speed WiFi deployments to next-generation 3D printers.

John Bailey, UK Sales Director for Higher Education at Dell EMC, says:

As we look to the future, we see a big change in the works for education. The classroom won’t necessarily have to be a physical entity, it may be more of a theoretical place where students and teachers log-on to learn and teach. You could be sharing this classroom with a peer from the other side of the world, all learning from one teacher with real-time-translated interactions.

Dell EMC is committed to providing products and solutions that deliver real value to pupils, teachers, school leaders, governors, administrators, parents and even local communities. In its latest movement, the company has partnered with the national charity Youth Sport Trust to reward schools that have invested in Dell EMC technology with vouchers that can be redeemed for sports equipment.

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