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Active 30:30 Tri

We are in danger of imploding as a society and letting down a whole generation of children. It is only adults that stop children moving. If children don’t move, inflammation increases and the chances of acute disease increases… starting with the hardening of the arteries which is speeding up the aging process in children as young as six years-old. We need to create a new norm for children where sitting is limited and movement is encouraged at school and at home to improve their quality of adult life and create healthy happy active learners. We know that children’s long-term involvement in physical activities that have variety, fun and different intensities is better for creating active habits and improving cognition and health. To create an active school culture we have to integrate movement into the school day and not just as a bolt-on physical activity. This will mean considering and ‘nudging’ children along this continuum from standing up (sitting less) and increasing their activity levels throughout the day (moving more). Active 30:30 Tri is a resource providing practical ways in which to plan 15, 10 and 5 minutes of physical activity of different intensities throughout the school day. Additional copies of the poster can also be downloaded from this page. If you would like a hard copy of this resource then please contact [email protected] and subject to availability we may be able to send one out to you.

Athlete Mentor - Liz Johnson - Resilience

A webinar with Liz Johnson Paralympic Champion Swimmer Covering - Habits & Heath, Concentration, Motivation & Hydration

Athlete Mentor - Rachel MacKenzie - Improving Wellbeing

A webinar with Rachel Mackenzie World Thai Boxing Champion. Covering - identifying habits and behaviours which support positive physical and mental health

Athlete Mentor - Rachel MacKenzie - Wellbeing for Primary

A webinar with Rachel Mackenzie World Thai Boxing Champion. Covering - learning to deal with stress, fear & worry. Ways to calm down & feel relaxed.

Athlete Mentor - Toby Garbett - The Importance of Being Active

A webinar with Toby Garbett, Olympian and two-time World Champion rower. Covering - the components of fitness, how to get fit and stay fit

Boys Mental Health

For the last 15 years, the Youth Sport Trust has been driving change in the area of gender inequalities with a much-needed focus on girls. Providing girls with equal access and opportunities to the life-changing benefits of PE and sport is crucial. However, have we left the issues of boys’ disaffection, wellbeing and achievement behind? That is the key question that Youth Sport Trust Lead Health & Wellbeing Schools and Head Teacher Ambassadors have been asking us.

Evidence Paper: The Impact of Covid-19 Restrictions on Children and Young People

This paper summarises key evidence relating to the impact of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions on children and young people. With an ever-changing landscape, and a narrow window for data capture, this document is a rapid review of information, condensing the latest quantitative evidence from a range of external sources.

Improving Wellbeing through PE

At the Youth Sport Trust we have always recognised the unique power of PE and sport to change lives for the better. Right now, there is no greater need than the wellbeing of our nation. At a time when young people are experiencing unprecedented rates of obesity and poor emotional wellbeing, and where interpersonal skills and social interaction are under pressure from new forms of communication, we are not making the most of a subject that is unparalleled in its potential to address the challenges of this generation

Pleckgate High School - Case Study

YST visited Pleckgate High School had achieved the silver Quality Mark through their membership.

Power of a Well School: Curriculum, Culture, Capital & Connections

This webinar will construct a model for improving wellbeing using the "intent, implementation, impact" framework. Identify changes to current practice to improve culture, capital and connections. Develop an action plan for the next 12-18 moths.

Power of a Well School: Ideas into Action

This webinar will create a school-based research project to address student wellbeing using elements of PE, school sport and physical activity

Power of a Well School: The National and Local Landscape*

This webinar will summarise the extent and impact of poor wellbeing in schools. Identify opportunities to improve wellbeing presented by the Ofsted framework. Plan improvements to policy and practice in your own school.