Youth Sport Trust and PJ Masks

We are delighted to be partnering with Entertainment One and PJ Masks!
The initiative, entitled Power of 3 to reflect the trio of PJ Masks heroes, aims to encourage young people to be more active and take part in regular physical activity and school sport. Power of 3 will specifically target young children between the ages of two and five, in primary schools and pre-school settings such as nurseries, who will be encouraged to take part in 30 minutes of daily activity.
We believe passionately in the power of physical activity to improve young people’s physical, emotional and social skills as well as their ability to learn.  

Ensuring every child has a healthy start to life, the provision of high quality, engaging and fun physical activity in nursery, pre-school and home environments is essential.

Did you know?

In 2011 the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) set out the recommended levels of physical activity for 0-5 years. Children of pre-school age who are capable of walking unaided should be physically active daily for at least 180 minutes (3 hours), spread throughout the day.

Why are the Early Years so important?
  • Active children achieve up to 33% better than their inactive peers (Nike, Design to Move 2012)
  • Some 90% of boys and girls (aged 2-4) do not achieve the current guidelines for daily physical activity (Health Survey for England 2012).

Tips for a healthy, active environment

  • Make sure your environment excites the senses and movement, and is created with colour, textures, sounds
  • Music, songs, nursery rhymes and speech are used to stimulate physical activity
  • Objects/images are placed in different spaces to stimulate exploration (at eye level, on the floor, above, to the side, walls, windows, fences)
  • Space enables children to move freely and sturdy structures enable children to pull themselves to standing if ready

The Youth Sport Trust offers the guidance and resources below to support young people achieve this, including our signature Healthy Movers range.