Physical Health

YST Physical Health
The essence of every YST programme and intervention starts with children moving more to benefit their physical health.

With inactivity now one of the biggest underlying causes of non-communicable disease, there has never been a greater need to help all children and young people achieve an average of 60 active minutes each day, whilst reducing the amount of time they spend sitting down.


The evidence is clear, children that move more every day have improved physical health, increased brain function and cognition and are less likely to suffer from issues such as type 2 diabetes, dementia and poor mobility. With children’s physical activity levels at an all time low we need to design and develop interventions with children and families that address the growing trend of inactivity in today’s society and help them access the lifechanging benefits of sport and play.


If you're looking to address inactivity issues at your school, or increase the amount of physical activity all children are doing throughout their school day, then please start by trying the Active School Planner - a free online application which can provide evidence, planning and signposting tools which will help your school take positive action.

There are also a number of additional products and programmes which could support you:

  • Change4Life - Change4Life Sports Clubs aim to encourage less active children to take part in more physical activity and to engage in school.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Champions - This programme offers secondary schools an innovative approach to engagement of students in low socio-economic groups using the power of peer leaders, non-traditional sporting activity and YST Athlete Mentor led training to create behaviour change and increase wellbeing.
  • Healthy Movers - Healthy Movers is a suite of resources and training to support early years practitioners and families to develop the competence and confidence to ensure every child is physically literate.