Physical Activity

How we are achieving our mission to improve the physical activity levels of all children and young people through the power of PE and school sport
Girls Active 16

In the 2015/16 academic year to date (Sep-Mar) the Youth Sport Trust's impact in this area has been:

  • 78% of girl leaders, as a result of the Girls Active Camp, reported liking physical activity either a lot or a bit more

  • Since participating in My Personal Best 65% of teachers felt that pupils’ engagement in PE lessons, enjoyment of physical activity (57%), participation in physical activity (55%) & behaviour in PE lessons (53%) had improved

  • 86% of young people who attended the Inclusive Futures Camp agreed they are more likely to participate in sports and physical activity in the future

  • As a result of using a Start to Move approach children engaged in 11% more moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), plus a 9% decrease in sedentary behaviours. Furthermore there was a 22% increase in movement competence for children with the lowest  levels of Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) following a Start to Move approach


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