Personal Development Toolkit

YST Personal Development Toolkit
This toolkit offers the tools to support you to demonstrate how your PE curriculum, wider school curriculum and enrichment opportunities promote personal development.

What's included?

Hard copy of one Personal Development toolkit for all eligible schools. Toolkit consists of:

  • For learners: 12 colourful A2 posters that help learners to understand what personal development means and why it is relevant to their lives – now and in future (the Personal Development Posters).
  • For staff: A colourful A2 poster that acts as an advocacy tool to summarise the toolkit, complement the young people posters and show all school staff how personal development relates to learners’ lives.
  • 12 A4 cards, structured around the Ofsted 3 I’s, that support staff to adopt a whole-school approach to personal development.


Provide common, clear, practical and meaningful learner-centred outcomes for staff and learners – what learners will ‘say and do’ on their personal development journeys. Reinforce the relevance of learning to children and young people by relating it to their home, school, community and work lives. Share effective strategies to enable learners’ personal development – across the whole school, offer examples to stimulate ideas and demonstrate the power of PE, sport and physical activity to enable personal development and recognise the value of other curriculum areas. Highlight opportunities to recognise, reward and evidence learners’ personal development.

Did you know?

The Personal Development Toolkit is included within both the Plus and Premium Membership package. For more information about Membership please click here.

Already a member? The toolkit will be posted to each member school including schools within a cluster entitled to the benefit. It will also appear on a webpage that schools will be directed to from the activation pack and members dashboard. Member schools (any level) will be able to purchase additional sets of the Personal Development Posters at an additional cost.