Personal Development Posters

YST Personal Development Posters
A series of posters describing the life skills, values and qualities for young people to succeed in PE, in school and in life.

What's included?

Twelve A2 posters covering the following personal development characteristics; Responsibility, Respect, Tolerance, Equality & Diversity, Inclusion, Self-Motivation, Integrity, Co-Operation, Confidence, Resilience, Aspirations, Resolve Conflicts. Each poster represents a different personal development characteristic and includes examples of the behaviours a young person will exhibit when portraying the characteristic; generally, and specifically in PE, in school and in life.

The characteristics have been grouped into four areas to reflect the contribution they make to a pupil’s personal development. The areas are:
• Active citizens
• Develop character
• Good health and wellbeing
• Pursue interests and talents

The posters are designed to be displayed around the school to inspire pupils to read and reflect on their behaviours.

Posters will be posted to schools on receipt of a paid membership invoice. For Plus and Premium members, these 12 young people posters form part of the wider Personal Development Toolkit.