Personal Development Posters

YST Personal Development Posters
A series of posters describing the life skills, values and qualities for young people to succeed in PE, in school and in life.

What's included?

One set of 12 A2 printed posters per entitled member school aimed at young people. Each poster covers a key life skill/value/quality as mentioned in the personal development section of the Ofsted common inspection framework.

These posters are: Responsibility, Respect, Tolerance, Equality & Diversity, Inclusion, Self-Motivation, Integrity, Co-Operation, Confidence, Resilience, Aspirations, Resolve Conflicts.

Each poster includes a life skill/quality as a headline, where it fits within the personal development framework, five examples of how a pupil could live out the life skill, a practical image that resembles the life skill and a wider example covering in PE, in school and in life.    

The posters will be complemented by a webpage giving examples of how they can be used and a PDF of the posters for schools to be able to download further copies. For Plus and Premium members these 12 young people posters will be accompanied by the Personal Development Toolkit. The two products have been designed in conjunction with each other to ensure synergy between the products and at Plus and Premium level will form one product.


Reinforce the power of PE to develop the qualities/life skills/values within young people as highlighted through the personal development section of the Ofsted common inspection framework. Provide schools with glossy posters that they can use around their practical spaces/changing rooms/PE space that are written in pupil language and will highlight the qualities/life skills/values for young people.

Did you know?

The Personal Development Posters are included within the Core, Plus and Premium Membership packages. For more information about Membership please click here.

Already a member? Posters will be posted to each member school including schools within a cluster entitled to the benefit. Posters will also appear on a webpage that schools will be directed to from the activation pack and members dashboard. Member schools (any level) will be able to purchase the posters at an additional cost.