PE CatalYSTs

YST PE Catalysts
Connecting a national network of leaders of PE to raise the profile of our subject and reverse its marginalisation due to whole school pressures.
How we work - Networking - PE Catalysts

We are recruiting committed, passionate and progressive leaders of secondary PE who are able to advocate the impact of physical education on young people. We are primarily looking for innovative PE practitioners keen to share good practice that they use every day in their secondary core PE classes. We want to recruit an army of PE CatalYSTs who will work with us to raise the profile of our subject across their local area and provide a voice nationally for its future.

For more information on the new Lead PE CatalYSTs and to find out where they are located use our Google Map.

Why are PE CatalYSTs needed?
  • To refocus attention and energy back to core PE and the impact it can have on young people
  • To turn the tide against the marginalisation of the subject, and the pressures and restrictions placed upon it by recent educational reforms
  • Prepare the PE workforce for the increased standards in young people entering secondary school from primary.

Unfortunately there is no funding attached to this role, however, a PE CatalYST will receive professional development to support them in this role via development days and on-going communications. There is also the opportunity to profile yourself, your department and your school on a local, regional and national footing. The role will be reviewed each year based on level of engagement as we are really looking for active members to support in advocating our message and share what is working in schools.

If you are a primary PE practitioner click here to find out more about support for you.

For further information, please contact: 
Martin Barradell
Project Officer – School Networks
01509 226668

Apply to become a PE CatalYST

Once you have completed the expression of interest form, please return to during one of the following recruitment windows:

  • Summer Term: Friday 26 April - Friday 10 May, YST will respond by the end of May
  • Autumn Term: Friday 06 September - Friday 20 September, YST will respond by the end of September.