Our Programmes

YST Our Programmes
YST is responsible for delivering a wide variety of programmes. A full list will be available here soon.

We work on a huge range of programmes every year and this work can be divided into three categories of delivery:

  • In partnership - We deliver impactful collaborative programmes which are funded by corporate partners, trusts and foundations, government and other organisations working with us to further our shared goals.
  • On other's behalf - We undertake commissioned projects involving development work, delivery activities and/or research and insight. We do this with partners, buisnesses, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and other organisations who target sporting activity at young people and want to maximuse and quantify their impact.
  • Independently - We provide innovative products and services including YST Membership for schools, individuals, NGBs and businesses; training courses including e-learning; and innovative equipment.

A full list of ongoing programmes will be available here soon.