Girls Active Awards

The Girls Active Awards are a celebration of the work girls 8 to 18-year-olds are leading, to get their peers more active and enjoying PE and physical activity in their school.


Teachers, parents, and participating girls can nominate individuals, groups, or projects for one of the four award categories celebrating the work achieved through the YST Girls Active programme.

Delivered in partnership with Women in Sport and This Girl Can, and funded through Sport England National Lottery, Girls Active supports schools and empower girls – through consultation and leadership - to make the necessary changes to PE, sport and physical activity provision to engage all girls, not just the sporty few.

In challenging times, it is more important than ever to profile and recognise the amazing achievements of young people through Girls Active. This year, we wanted to focus on recognising adaptability throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with four awards - 2 for groups and 2 for individuals. These will recognise those students, groups and projects that have shown innovative thinking, positive attitudes, and a dedication to raising the profile of sport among wider peer groups.

You can watch the highlights of the 2020 awards here.

2021 Awards

The 2021 awards categories are as follows:


Innovative Project Award

This category is to recognise a Girls Active initiative planned by a group of students that has:

  • Taken a creative approach to sport and physical activity and come up with new ideas to continue being active in challenging circumstances
  • Persuaded and encouraged non-active peers to get active – whether in school or from home
  • Been organised and executed with key decision makers, implementing innovative solutions

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Best Girls Active GLAMS/Group Award

This award celebrates a Girls Active group who have:

  • Demonstrated collective leadership as a team
  • Made a positive impact on the lives of girls at their school/in the wider community
  • Gone above and beyond, showing passion and enthusiasm for engaging more girls in sport and physical activity

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Personal Growth Award

This award celebrates a student who has:

  • Gone through a personal journey
  • Shown a change in her attitude and engagement with PE or physical activity
  • Found/amplified her voice
  • Used her own experiences to help make a positive impact on other girls

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Resilient Leader Award

This award recognises a pupil who has:

  • A positive and relatable role model
  • Empowered other girls and helped to unlock potential
  • Made a positive difference to the lives of girls at her school/in the wider community
  • Shown resilience and determination during challenging situations

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We will be hosting a virtual awards ceremony event in November 2021, and we would like to invite you to start nominating your participating pupils now! Please note, the young person you are nominating must have participated in the Girls Active programme to be eligible for any of the awards.

Nominations will be open until 30 September 2021.