Move & Groove

Is an innovative pilot project combining the worlds of music and sport to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes for both the young and the older generations.

About Move and Groove

Move and Groove aims to ignite a creative and empowering intergenerational journey.

We want to enhance and accelerate intergenerational practice nationally through this fusion of music and movement to alleviate common problems of loneliness, isolation, and obesity, whilst improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people and older generations.

In 2022, an exciting new partnership between Youth Sport Trust and Intergenerational Music Making saw the delivery of 10 pilot intergenerational Move and Groove projects which linked schools with their local care homes.

These projects were rooted in empowering groups and individuals, promoting new intergenerational connections, and showcasing the inherent relationship between music and movement.

Move and groove event

What we do

Move and Groove event

What does Move & Groove entail?

Connection – Our team work to find new, intergenerational community connections providing exciting opportunities to embed music and physical activity in new relationships between care settings and schools.

Activation and Training – We empower teachers, care givers and young leaders by giving them new skills in using music and movement to support wellbeing and connect communities.

Project Delivery – Intergenerational music and physical activity specialists support groups and Activators (teachers, care staff and young leaders) as they deliver a six week project taking their new skills and tools and putting them into practice.

Why is it important and what are the benefits?

The relationship between music and movement is as old as time and is innate in all of us. This project empowers care givers, education staff and volunteers in actively supporting the wellbeing and mental health of those within care homes and schools.

Impact - The Move & Groove pilot was fully evaluated by London Southbank University and showed an overwhelmingly positive impact on the wellbeing of participants. For young people and older participants positive mood increased and negative mood decreased significantly, while for older adults loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress also decreased by statistically significant amounts.


10 School/Care Settings:

  • Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

  • Ashford, Kent

  • Great Bookham, Surrey

  • Twickenham, Surrey

  • Wimbledon, London

  • Bury, Lancashire

  • Reigate, Surrey

  • New Brighton, Merseyside

  • Weymouth, Dorset

  • Matlock, Derbyshire

Setting choices based on the following:

  1. Those with limited access to music and sport

  2. Young people from low socio-economic backgrounds

  3. Groups identified who need further support in building connections

  4. Those with limited funding and resources.

Move and Groove event


Move and Groove event

Contact Us

If any schools or care homes would like to be considered for future projects please get in contact.

To find out more, email [email protected] today.