Volunteering and leadership pathways

Providing and promoting inclusive pathways for young people to develop as volunteers in school and community sport.
Volunteering and leadership pathways
Volunteering in the School Games

The School Games provides numerous opportunities for young people to try a variety of volunteer and workforce roles. Further information on everything listed below can be found on the School Games website.

School Sport Organising Crews and Committees (SSOC) - All schools are encouraged to develop an SSOC to support and influence their intra school provision.  An SSOC is a diverse group of young people who join together to be a voice for their peers on what the school’s competition offer should include and to support the planning and delivery of competitions. 

Leadership Academies - Each SGO area is encouraged to develop a Leadership Academy which should:

  • Be fully inclusive
  • Provide mentoring support to young leaders individually and in a group
  • Celebrate, profile and reward the contribution young leaders make to school and community sport
  • Provide opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills, such as communication and teamwork, and to learn from their peers
  • Signpost/deliver appropriate qualifications and awards to support volunteering, including basic training in coaching, officiating and team management.
  • Prepare and support them to undertake placements and volunteer experiences

We have developed guidance on how to create an environment within a Leadership Academy where young people with SEND feel a sense of belonging and an ability to achieve.

Guidance has also be written to support SGOs reflect on their workforce development. 


Lead2Employabiliy is an online system which gives young people the opportunity to log and record their volunteering hours and experience, helping young people to:

  • Record and evidence volunteering activities
  • Gain recognition for the volunteering they do
  • Reflect and review their volunteering experience

Through the system, young people are linked to a mentor within their school who supports them in their volunteering and development as a young volunteer as well as verify their school volunteering hours.

The system is for young people aged 14-19 in education that have a school mentor assigned to support them. Parental consent may also be needed depending on age.

Young People can access the system here.

For teachers and SGOs, please click here to access the system.

For further information, please contact:

Adam Douglas
Project Officer - Sport
01509 226315

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