Cluster Membership

Are you interested in joining as a group of schools?
Cluster Membership
Why join as a cluster of schools?

We care immensely about our network of schools. We've listened to the feedback our members provided on our membership offer and refreshed it for 2017/18 to include some great new benefits.

By joining as a group of ten or more schools you get access to all these benefits, and as the group coordinator, you will also receive a fantastic package of extras including a cluster coordinator incentive package specifically for you:

How do I join as a cluster?

Contact or call 01509 226688.

What is the cost of cluster membership?

The price per school is the same as the individual school membership.

Level 1: £50
Level 2: £200
Level 3: £1,100

How do I pay for my cluster membership?

A central invoice will be sent to you which can be paid by BACS or Paypal.

Can my schools pay individually?

The preferred method of payment is one central invoice, however individual school invoicing can be arranged on request.

If another school wants to join my cluster at a later date can they?

Yes, to add an additional school please contact our Membership team.

I am an individual school, am I able to join a cluster instead?

Yes, an individual school can join a cluster. If you know of a local cluster that you would like to join than please speak to the Cluster Coordinator directly. Alternatively, if you are not aware of a local cluster but would be interested in finding out if there is one nearby then please get in touch by emailing or calling 01509 226688.

Membership Terms and Conditions

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