YST launches new accessibility toolbar on website

The Youth Sport Trust is committed to making sure all areas of its work are as inclusive as possible and we hope that this new addition will act as a first step to ensuring that anyone who wishes to engage with our digital platforms can do so.

The accessibility toolbar, created by Recite Me, includes a series of features which work across all devices to aid those with visual impairments, learning difficulties, or those who don't consider English to be their first language.

This feature, which can be used on both this website and our webshop platform, can be activated by pressing the 'Accessibility Tools' button located in this website's footer menu and in the top right-hand corner of the webshop.

Included within the toolbar are the following options:

  • Text to audio speech - including back, play and forward options
  • Text size - increase and decrease as appropriate
  • Font - change to something you find easier to read
  • Colour - change the background, text and links
  • Ruler - keep your place on the page
  • Margins - change the width of the text on the page
  • Screen Mask - eliminate distractions by focusing on a particular area of the page
  • Dictionary - check the definition of a particular word
  • Text mode - remove images and view as plain text
  • Download audio - take part of the website offline and listen to it through your device
  • Magnifier - zoom in on a particular part of the website
  • Language - translate the content into a different language (many languages also compatible with audio features)

Provided you are allowing cookies, your device should remember the settings you have chosen and allow you to keep them in place whenever you revisit our website or webshop platform. There is also a 'reset' button on the toolbar should you ever get confused which will restore the website to its original appearance. A full user guide is available on the Recite Me website.

We are always keen to receive feedback on our website so that we can continue to make improvements. If you would like to share your thoughts with us please contact Glen Harrington - glen.harrington@youthsporttrust.org.

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