New programme to ignite girls’ passion for fitness & Gaelic football

Teenage girls in Ireland are set to be inspired to participate in football through a new pilot programme which will help them to lead healthy, active lives and be fronted by Gaelic football stars.

One of the greatest female Gaelic football players of all time, Cora Staunton, and two time All Star Dublin Ladies Gaelic player Carla Rowe, will inspire and guide secondary school-aged girls as part of The Lidl #SeriousSupport programme.

The new programme will help to build confidence, create aspirations and help girls understand the value of participating in sport alongside healthy eating to support their overall wellbeing and life chances.

Following a partnership between Lidl Ireland, Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) and children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust, the programme will engage more than 1,200 girls by the end of 2018.

The Lidl #SeriousSupport programme pilot launched in September and will be rolled out across Munster, Connacht, Leinster, and Ulster.

Previous research commissioned by Lidl shows a worrying trend affecting the health and wellbeing of young women and girls in Ireland. The research proved that team sports have a direct and positive effect on self-confidence and mental wellbeing. Yet one in two young women give up team sports completely by the age of 13.

There is also a disparity in the encouragement given to boys and girls when it comes to playing sport. 71% of girls agreed that they are more likely to give up sport because they are not encouraged as much as their male counterparts, while 56% of men report being strongly encouraged to play sport v. 36% of women. 

The Lidl #SeriousSupport programme will aim to encourage girls to stay in sport and reap the benefits sport can bring to their lives. The Lidl #SeriousSupport programme is funded by Lidl, supported by the LGFA, and delivered by the Youth Sport Trust. For more information visit Lidl Ireland's Serious Support web page here.

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