Charity puts pedal power behind Giving Tuesday

A team of 12 cyclists from the charity are aiming to cover 108 miles throughout the day

Loughborough employees from the Youth Sport Trust have swapped office attire for cycling shorts and trainers to pedal 108 miles in a day on a bike.

The children's charity is joining thousands of other charities across the country for Giving Tuesday - a day of global giving and when everyone everywhere can do something to support the good causes that mean so much to us all.

In 2020, Youth Sport Trust (YST) ambassador, Ben Smith, is running a marathon in each of the USA states and cycling the distance between them, covering a total of 14,001 miles. He is doing this to raise £1 million for the charity and the 401 Foundation.

In order to support him and understand the gravity of his challenge, staff at the YST will replicate the mileage Ben will cover in a day over the course of the three month challenge. 

A group of 12 cyclists are pedaling a leg of the mileage each outside Loughborough University's Student Union. Find out more about the challenge and support the charity further by visiting

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