BLOG: Why I’m attempting a World Record to cut childhood obesity

James Hesling is attempting a Guinness World Record for children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust in order to raise £25,000. Here he blogs about his journey so far.
On 31 May 2018 I will attempt the Guinness World Record for the Greatest Distance Ran On A Treadmill In 12 Hours. What will surprise most people is that I'm not a natural runner and in fact I'm much more of a "plodder" that can mentally keep going.

The thought of running more than 89.38 miles in 12 hours is somewhat terrifying to say the least. Especially when people’s first reactions I've received have been "you don't look like a runner". Nevertheless, I will try to plod on, albeit at a much faster pace during my Guinness World Record attempt!

The training over the last five weeks has been relentlessly unforgiving to say the least. Training between 3-5 hours a day, six days a week whilst trying to fundraise, grow my company AllShapeUp, plus eat and rest as much as I can really has made me realise just how much of a valuable commodity time is.

Many people ask me why I'm doing this, and every time I come back to the same answer. The Youth Sport Trust is a fantastic charity and the more I find out about them the more inspired I become, and if somehow by doing this I can inspire someone else to become healthier or help reduce childhood obesity then it's all completely worth it.

My days vary, but generally begin with 30 minutes of stretching just to help the aching muscles loosen up for the day ahead. Then there's the first run, ranging from a 30-minute sprint session to maybe a practice marathon (I've only completed one in training so far as I write this, however four more are booked in over the next month). Wish me luck!

As I try to commence my usual daily routine before a final training session it often gets interrupted by me counting down the days and hours until the official attempt. Nerves and anxiety seem to be creeping in almost daily now, as well as the aches, pains and blisters!

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