BLOG: How the PE and sport premium is helping us engage hard to reach children

Steve Tindall, headteacher of Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Surrey, blogs about how his school will help hard to reach children in PE and sport.

We’ve had some great successes already at our school and if there is one thing to remember when spending the premium funding – it is the words of our children.

One of our pupils - Thomas who is nine-years-old - sums it up perfectly: “PE has really helped me in everything I do, especially being focused and not getting distracted in lessons. I wasn't very good at that in key stage one. It has changed me really because now I never want to let anyone down so I always try my hardest.”

Getting hard to reach groups physically active

We are hoping to reach the final groups of children/families across our school who currently do not actively engage in PE and sports with the opportunities this funding will bring. Last academic year, 96% of upper KS2 children attended extra-curricular sports clubs and over 90% of children across KS2 attended extra-curricular clubs. We are therefore targeting a small minority of children but we feel passionate about introducing them to the benefits of PE, healthy activity and sport. If we achieve this, we will have the highest participation and engagement rates ever at the school.

One of the ways we hope to do this is by using the funding to create increased opportunities for sports leaders in Year 5 by training them to deliver PhysiFun sessions during playtimes. By encouraging our Year 5 children to act as leaders and inspirational role models through programmes like the Active Gifted and Talented Leadership Programme, we have witnessed the very positive effect this has had on increasing participation in clubs as children follow their peers and aspire to be like them.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School have also used active maths lessons through online resource Maths of the Day to engage a variety of pupils and staff. Read their case study here

Fully integrated PE and sports programme

Academic Progress and attainment has been exceptionally high in our school over the last three years and the 2017 KS2 results put us in the top 5% nationally. Our PE and sports programme has contributed fully to this success as we merge and utilise key sporting values and principles within our academic curriculum. Children who enjoy sport are positive and this leads to a resilience and determination in class.

The doubling of the sports premium will make a huge difference to our school. It provides the funding we need to enhance the three key areas vital to increasing the quality of PE provision:

(I) Continuous professional development and up skilling of staff
(ii) Improving facilities and resources
(iii) Providing increased opportunities for participation for all children.

We can also now look to further engage and support all our families by encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles. We can invest time and money into more accurate assessment of progress in PE and in tracking the healthy lifestyles and choices made by all children through the YST Skills 2 Achieve tool. Without the additional funding, we simply could not afford to run so many potentially effective programmes, interventions and projects.

A word of advice

Every penny spent should have a lasting positive impact on your children. Plant the seeds to engage them in a love of physical exercise. Empower your staff and children to lead and share their enthusiasm with everyone else. Make sure the programmes you put in place are sustainable to ensure the lasting impact – don't forget that your teachers and support staff are your greatest resource for inspiring children so start by inspiring them with a love of PE.

Youth Sport Trust Resources and Learning is a new range of resources,  e-learning and face to face training developed to hep tackle the complex and demanding challenges across the whole school. For a range of solutions available to support your school, teachers and young people, please visit our resources and learning area of the website.

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