Young Changemaker Awards Nomination Form

This nominations form requires you to submit personal information about the nominee(s).

Please seek both the nominee(s) and their parent/guardian(s) permission prior to submission and ensure that you share with them the data protection information provided below.

If successfully selected, the nominee(s) will be required to attend an awards ceremony in London with a parent or guardian in November. Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. Successful nominees will also be required to take part in some on-site filming at their schools, prior to the awards ceremony, to capture footage, which may then be incorporated into the ceremony and may also be shared with the media and on social media.

Data Protection

The Youth Sport Trust (YST) will be the data controller of the personal information submitted through this form. Our Privacy Notice, which can be accessed here, includes full details of how we will look after this data, information regarding your individual rights and contact details.

The information submitted through this form may be used for the following purposes: at the awards ceremony; for the purpose of administering the awards; and in YST promotions through online/printed literature and media activity (social media*/website/national media coverage).

*Please be aware that anything published on social media can be shared further than YST’s own social media channels and that YST have no control over this.

By submitting any personal data to us you are agreeing to the use of this information as set out above and in our Privacy Notice. For clarification, nominee(s)’ personal data will be permanently deleted or anonymised within 3 months of the awards ceremony.


Nominee Details
Please tell us which award category you are nominating in.
e.g. Active in Mind, Lidl Ireland Sport for Good, Boys Move
Enter the name(s) of the young person or group of young people you are nominating.
Enter the name of the school of the nominee
Enter the postcode of the school of the nominee
Please include details on any of the following, where relevant: • how the nominee(s) has increased their own involvement in physical activity, PE or sport, contributing positively to their physical/mental health and wellbeing. • how the nominee(s) has inspired, led or supported other young people to become active in order to improve their physical and mental health • whether the nominee(s) has faced specific challenges at school or in their personal lives which they have overcome in order to reach their potential (N.B. Please do not provide personal details which you do not have express permission to share). Please also include some background information about the individual/group within your statement including year group and gender. Please also state whether the school the young person/group attends is early years/primary/secondary/SEND.
Please upload a photograph of the nominated young person/group, preferably participating in PE, sport and physical activity. Please add a PNG or JPG file of no more than 10mb. If your nomination is successful, this image could be used at the awards ceremony and within communications celebrating the winners, including media outreach and social media, so please ensure you have obtained the appropriate permissions from all individuals in the photograph.
You may also upload a video to support your nomination and/or include links to social media posts, online articles or webpages that support your nomination.
Nominator Details
Enter your full name
Enter your email address
Enter your phone number
Please enter the name of your school or organisation.
Enter your relation to the nominee, e.g. teacher, parent etc.