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23 Feb 2021

CSL1 Active - Could sport sanctuaries in schools help young people recover from the impact of a pandemic?

This session will raise awareness of the concept of Sport Sanctuaries, challenge your thinking around what young people need and help you to apply practical strategies and reflect on possibilities.

23 Feb 2021

CSL1 Connected - Student voice is ‘more important than ever’ during the COVID-19 pandemic and in planning recovery from it

Hear ways schools have solicited youth voice as part of their COVID-19 recovery and top tips for engaging in the voice of all young people.

23 Feb 2021

CSL1 Educated - Effective use of the PE and Sport Premium here and now

A session to update on national guidance on PE and sport premium for 20/21, understand how to best utilise and re-align premium funding to support remote education and an active recovery curriculum. Ensure action planning intent is informed by insight and impact is measurable and sharing examples and insights from schools and partners.

15 Jul 2020

PE post COVID-19 curriculum development for life-skills and wellbeing

An interactive session looking at life skills, wellbeing and curriculum as we look to return to a school environment with a new recovery curriculum.

09 Jul 2020

Primary PE and Sport Premium

Putting PE, sport and physical activity at the heart of children's recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

08 Jul 2020

Reframing competition post COVID-19

Reframing competition post COVID-19. What does school sport look like going forward?

01 Jul 2020

Transition from home to school learning and curriculum planning for PE

Join colleagues from the Youth Sport Trust and across the wider sector to begin to explore the impact of home to school learning and also a return to curriculum planning for PE. There two webinars below, one with a focus on primary and one with a focus on secondary.

27 May 2020

PE and Global Perspectives within Education

Using education-based research and case studies to look at how PE, school sport and physical activity have changed over time and across the world.

20 May 2020

PE and Inclusion

How to ensure you embed inclusive practice in PE. Summarising the range of inclusive teaching resources available and how you can adapt these to support in lockdown and beyond.

13 May 2020

PE and Leading Change

Using current research projects and new OFSTED guidelines to guide you through the latest educational initiatives that would impact on leading change in a PE department in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

06 May 2020

PE & Wellbeing

This week we are thinking about wellbeing and you will hear from the YST Education team and some guest speakers about how to use PE and physical activity as a tool for supporting mental and physical well-being and personal development. They will also consider the changing educational landscape, social norms, the impact of the current pandemic and how can we use PE to support young people in the modern era and post COVID-19.

01 Apr 2020

Curriculum Mapping

Aimed at new PE subject leaders, less experienced PE subject leaders, NQTs and primary trainee teachers. The webinar focuses on the first two steps of the curriculum mapping process – establishing your starting point and setting your intent.