My experience with Get Set’s Values Awards

by Ally Sheldon, Primary PE Coordinator

My experience with Get Set’s Value AwardsIt’s vital for young people to get active and outdoors during school

I often hear children say in class, “I’m so rubbish, I can’t do it”, but every child has one thing they’re good at and sometimes that’s sport, sometimes sport unlocks potential in other areas.

Outdoors learning and physical activity are vital parts of a child’s development. Helping a child to become more courageous and determined outside of a classroom setting can have a positive effect when they’re back in a more academic setting. 

Confidence is built and developed through sporting achievement as much as academic performance and children can believe in themselves if they are celebrated for being good at something. For me it’s about personal growth and confidence as a person.

My experiences with Get Set’s Values Awards

I’m involved with a few schools that only have a small number of pupils, so normally it’s difficult for them to take part in sporting activity. But Get Set allows the whole school to be involved, including parents and teachers.

The Values Awards are a brilliant opportunity to launch the Rio 2016 Games, which many schools will be using as a topic in the summer term. Everyone involved feels like they have played a small part in the journey. Children are trying to do more both at school and outside of school in order to achieve their goal.

The impact of Olympic & Paralympic Values on pupils

Not every child learns in an academic manner and we’ve found that the Olympic and Paralympic Values can teach children so much about their own. We want pupils to be aware that they can succeed by trying new things, improving and working together.

By focusing on the history of the Olympics and Paralympics, the spirit of the Games and fair play, we’ve certainly developed the pupil’s knowledge and helped them to think about the role of sport in their lives. Through Get Set’s Values Awards we discuss the Values regularly and they’re now part of the school ethos, particularly things like friendship and courage.

Running the Values Awards in school is simple

Working through a series of challenges, we have young people volunteering in the community, helping others achieve their goals and developing valuable life skills.

We have a display called “Give it a Go Club” at the school entrance, showing all the Values and giving children an opportunity to share their achievements – they can bring in their photos, medals and awards to display. These achievements are also celebrated in a weekly assembly when the pupils tell their peers what they have been up to. In general it’s a great way to learn more about one another.

Getting more kids active is never a bad thing, and it’s something the whole school can engage in together!

As well as being active with the Sports Council and Gifted & Talented Council, Ally has been involved with Get Set’s Olympic and Paralympic legacy and education activity since 2011. Most recently, Ally has been running Get Set’s Values Awards, a free online initiative to reward young people for embodying the Olympic and Paralympic Values.