Quality Mark

A self-review tool which encourages thorough analysis of your current position in relation to PE, sport and physical activity, assisting you to set specific, evidence informed short, medium and long term objectives.

Aligned to the Ofsted EIF and PE premium key indicators, this easy-to-use online tool will support you to:

  • Audit and baseline your school’s current position in relation to PE, sport and physical activity
  • Highlight the strengths of PE in the school and profile the impact of the subject
  • Help identify and prioritise areas for development
  • Gain recognition for high quality PE, school sport and physical activity being achieved in your school, with a nationally recognised badge of excellence.

Getting started:

Follow the steps in the registration guide or watch our short video below before clicking the link to take you to the quality mark site.

You may also want to take a read of our guidance on what to consider before you begin and for completing the quality mark.

Click here for the registration guide

Click here for the Quality Mark Site

Before you begin:

Consider the following before you get started:

  • It may be useful to login to the quality mark site, view the sections, questions and criteria and start thinking about your responses before starting to complete
  • You may want to have documentation such as vision statements, PE development plans, schemes of work, lesson planning and monitoring and evaluation forms to hand as you complete the quality mark
  • You may wish to speak with SLT, wider staff, Governors, pupils, parents/carers in preparation for completing the quality mark to ensure a true reflection of the position of PESSA in your school.

Completing the Quality Mark:

When completing the quality mark, remember the following:

  • The quality mark is designed to be completed in order, section by section. Complete one section at a time
  • Each question is structured on a bronze, silver, gold level rating system. Read the criteria for each level and decide which most accurately reflects your school’s current position
  • You should be able to meet all the points in the criteria – if not select bronze/silver or silver/gold
  • If your school intake differs from a full primary or secondary intake, e.g. you are an infants or middle school, review each question in relation to your intake only as, some of the criteria may not be age appropriate for your school. Recognise what you are achieving that is appropriate for the age range of your pupils
  • Reflect and challenge yourself and others on the level of provision. Can you moderate with others in the department or the headteacher?
  • There is the option to add notes to each of the sections- this is not compulsory but may be useful as evidence or for future reference
  • You can stop, save and revisit the quality mark process at any time
  • On submission, you will receive an overall rating of bronze, silver or gold and will receive materials to use for press release and school communications
  • If you are a gold school, you will be contacted for further evidence as part of our validation process.

The Quality Mark FAQs can be found here.