Lipa Nessa

YST Lipa Nessa
The co-founder of the ‘I Think She’s Offside’ podcast and a grassroots coach. Lipa is heavily involved in the YST’s work to engage girls in sport and football, acting as an influential role model.


Lipa is a co-founder of the podcast called ‘I Think She’s Offside’ where she and co-host Fadumo Olow talk about all things woman’s sports. The podcast aims to stay connected to the local community, discussing The FA’s Women Super League with some BPL. Lipa and Fadumo came up with the podcast to give underrepresented individuals a voice.

Lipa was formerly a semi-professional footballer and is now a grassroots coach. She is an FA Level 1 coach and has FA level 1 in talent identification. She is currently the head coach for Kinja Development Centre and does further work within Middlesex FA with the SEN league for local schools and as a Middlesex FA Youth Board Member. Her love for football and sport is ever growing and led her to coin her catchphrase "I’m going to change the world with a hijab on my head, and a ball at my feet."

Changing the world starts with changing your surrounding communities, and with that I became a Youth Sport Trust Youth Board member and ambassador. The Youth Sport Trust has enabled me to further my understanding of sport and physical activity on a national level, helping me to turn my vision slowly into a reality.

Lipa Nessa

What’s Lipa working on?

Lipa is heavily involved in the YST’s work to engage more girls in sport and football, acting as a role model for girls. She supports the YST’s Girls Football Youth Leadership Camps with The FA and also provides insight for teachers, schools and businesses about the barriers to participation for young Muslim and South Asian women. She regularly speaks in schools, the community and at YST events. She is also a member of the YST’s Youth Board which influences the charity’s work and strategies for reaching and supporting more young people through sport.

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