How we are achieving our mission to improve the leadership skills of all children and young people through the power of PE and school sport

We aim to give young people leadership skills for life by:

  • Giving a voice to young people to share and lead solutions
  • Implementing our 'Leadership Ladder' to ensure a pathway for leadership skills

Through our funded programmes and membership offer we are committed to developing the leadership of all young people, supporting them to reflect, articulate and transfer their skills and experience to other settings, such as employment.





In the 2015/16 academic year to date (Sep-Mar) the Youth Sport Trust's impact in this area has been:

  • 98% of young people on the YST Alumni panel believe their involvement with the YST has increased their leadership skills

  • 95% of girl leaders, as a result of attending the Girls Active Camp, said they were either very likely or likely to change how they undertake their role as a young leader

  • 99% of Peer Leaders thought they were a more confident leader, and knew how to be a better leader, after attending a YA Peer Leader conference
  • Teachers reported that almost all young people participating in the Leadership Academy (as part of the Club Environment and Workforce Development programme) have become involved in sports clubs and as a result, young leaders act as a positive role model for other students
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