LCV Lead Schools Newsletter - September 2019

Welcome to the September edition of the newsletter. This month's newsletter includes a request to register for the upcoming Lead School National Networking event, plus the finalised LCV Programme Guidance for 2019/20.

Just in case you missed it, here is the YST Membership newsletter sent this week.


2019/20 Programme Guidance

Please take this opportunity to read the finalised LCV Programme Guidance for 2019/20 and begin your delivery. This document provides a detailed breakdown of each element of the programme: Coach/Activator Academies, Leadership & Volunteering (L&V) Insight Tool (formerly Workforce Audit) and the Girls Camp. All KPIs and timescales/deadlines are included in this document in a succinct, printable format on pages 6-7.

Click here to open the document

Lead Schools National Networking Event

We are happy to share that registration for the Lead School National Networking event on Wednesday 20 November is now open. Click here to sign up. The deadline for registrations is Wednesday 13 November.

Please note that if you require accommodation, you will need to meet specific criteria and complete your registration before Tuesday 01 October.


To be eligible for accommodation at the Lead School National Networking Event, you must meet one of the following criteria (this is due to the limited number of rooms we have available):

  • Your travel time is 2.5 hours or more
  • You are attending the School Games summit on Tuesday 19 November (priority will be given to delegates travelling over 1 hour)
  • You are participating in the Swimming Innovation project.

If you do not meet the criteria above, we will send a list of local hotels for you to book yourself. We aim to inform all delegates on their accommodation by Friday 11 October.

Championing the work of the LCV Network

Please tweet the National Lottery (@TNLUK) @Sport_England and #Care2Lead to share your delivery and successes this year. Promoting and raising the profile of our work and our network with funders will help us achieve continuity with the programme.

LCV Lead School Networking

Please take a few minutes to briefly outline your intentions for the different elements of the LCV programme and return this to Izzy Perry by Tuesday 1 October. The information you provide YST through this one-page document will help us to maximise the use of your networking opportunities throughout the year and enable us to tailor additional support/guidance to help your delivery of the programme where required.

Click here to download the document


LCV Hub: An online page for LCV resources and information

All LCV content and material has been uploaded to the new LCV Hub, found on the YST website. To access this area, please use the following link: Here you can find module content, the L&V Insight Tool, LCV programme guidance and various other resources to help in your delivery. The former SharePoint folder has now been removed.

Revised core module content

Following feedback from the network that the content of the four core modules could be more interactive, we have taken the step to commission an author to make the content more practical and engaging for the young coaches/activators in your academies. Please feel free to continue to deliver this content to best suit local needs. The revised content will be made available w/c 23 September 2019.

Leadership & Volunteering (L&V) Insight Tool

The Workforce Audit has now been rebranded and built as an online platform to improve its functionality and increase its user friendliness. To help you achieve KPIs for 2019/20, we are supplementing your efforts to recruit 12 schools per LOC (county) area to complete the L&V Insight Tool through the September Programme Access Window. The tool will also be available to schools to access via the School Games dashboard. We hope that this will help achieve 12 schools per area, allowing you to focus on providing advice to 6-8 of these schools of how they can engage their underrepresented students in leadership opportunities. The Insight Tool will be completed and made available to you on Monday 30 September.


Coaching in an Active Nation

We are now halfway through Sport England’s ‘Coaching in an Active Nation’ strategy. Having just done so myself, I found a 5-minute refresh on the strategy is well worth the time. It reminded me of how our work with young coaches/activators fits into the bigger jigsaw of improving lives through sport and physical activity.

Reframing Sport for Teenage Girls - video

This film produced by Women In Sport provides an understanding of the barriers faced from teenage girls themselves. Sharing this video may be a good way for staff and/or your young coaches to connect with the target group to set the scene for your audience before developing programmes and seeking solutions:

Revised activity list

As you may already be aware directly from the DfE, yesterday the revised activity lists for GCSE and A level Physical Education have been published for the academic year starting September 2020, with a letter circulated to National Governing Bodies (NGBs). Whilst we are delighted that the list has been expanded with the addition of ten further sports taking the total to 58 (with no sports removed on this occasion), we are disappointed that strong depositions from some NGBs have been unsuccessful and we remain committed to supporting the inclusion of any recognised sport that enables young people to meet assessment criteria being on the list. As stated in the Ministerial quote yesterday morning, the broader the activity list, the more accessible the subject and wider physical activity will be for more young people.

We are aware that the continued non-inclusion of some sports on the list will continue to present a challenge for some schools and more importantly students in selecting sports for assessment at GCSE/GCE level. YST continues to advocate that all students access a broad and balanced curriculum, this includes learning in a breadth of activities across a range of disciplines during their core PE at Key Stage 3. We encourage Heads of PE to continue with this approach and not narrow students experiences by focussing of GCSE/GCE activities during Key Stage 3 core PE. YST advocates a PE experience where students develop their whole self, including the development of life skills through physical activity. Our My Personal Best and National Curriculum Blueprint makes the case for students to work towards learning outcomes through a broad range of activities.