Lauren Asquith

YST Lauren Asquith

My name is Lauren Asquith and I am the chair of the Youth Sport Trust Youth Board. An evolving skills-based board which represents and provides a Youth Voice for young people. I can honestly say we are truly at the heart of an organisation aiming to improve young people’s lives the way young people want. 

I’m delighted to be involved with a pioneering organisation who truly listens to what we have to say. Across the world young people are growing up in a society where adults are superior, adults have the power and adults make the choices that can affect our future for many years to come. Being pigeonholed into lifestyles because that’s what society dictates. I believe that everyone is born unique. But through the years perceived perfection is thrust upon us.

Throughout my time in education, I struggled to concentrate, I struggled to be challenged and I struggled to stay focussed. I kicked and screamed going to primary school until year 5 when I could play in the football team. Secondary school was much the same, I’d be in my element PE, then a fish out of water in every other subject. That was until I was given an opportunity to volunteer. Sport was my vehicle to step up, grow and lead. All I needed was the encouragement and environment to thrive.

At the Youth Sport Trust, we aim to empower young people to be different and you can help. Instil the confidence, provide the opportunities, be that person who believes. But most importantly the person who cares. The YST has had a huge positive influence on my life, I want to represent YST but also check and challenge the organisation. I’ve been involved with the Youth Board from Day 1 and now represent as a Trustee the first young person to step onto the main board.

Young people are capable of powerful things when given the freedom to thrive.

Lauren Asquith
YST Youth Board Chair & YST Trustee