Kieran Matthews

YST Kieran Matthews

I want to use my place on the Youth Board to implement real change and give a different outlook on ways to deal with certain issues and target certain key groups through the work the youth sport trust does.

I have been coaching basketball since I was sixteen, I have a lot of experience in coaching and mentoring, having been head coach of multiple successful teams and aiding player development through mentoring and leadership programs. I have also been a Deng top 50 camp coach, I am currently doing my level three coaching course I was also part of the basketball England Erasmus coaching tour.                               

Through my work I have launched my own basketball skill development sessions as well as an academy club program the Capital Titans based in Brent in North West London. The club looks to give young athletes a chance to grow and develop not only as athletes but as people as well.  As well as this I coach American football which I have been using as a tool for behaviour management and mentoring at capital city academy where we now have a growing American football community.
I was approached by my mentor to apply for a role on the youth board as a way to further develop myself and help implement change as well as be a voice for my community nationally.

Kieran Matthews
YST Youth Board Member