Joe Hanney: Facing my fear for the Youth Sport Trust

by Joe Hanney, founder of U Fit Studio

Sometimes we all have to face our greatest fear – and it all started out so innocently!

I am the founder of U Fit Studio in Leicester and this summer, we adopted the Youth Sport Trust as our chosen charity – with the goal of raising £50,000.

As part of our bid to raise money, we came up with a ‘Face Your Fear Challenges’ initiative which does exactly what it says on the tin. It is all about staff members and clients taking on something that really scares them – all for a good cause.

My fear is heights. I therefore decided to face my biggest fear head-on by taking on a 160 foot bungee jump!

As the day approached, I started to feel really nervous. I was comforted by the fact that my girlfriend would be heading along to support me but disaster struck as – due to a mix up with dates – she could no longer join me on the day. It meant that I was facing my fear alone!

The bungee was located in Tamworth and needless to say; my lonely drive there was not a particularly pleasant one. I parked up and with trepidation stepped up to face my fear. It was then that that the worst part of the day came...the bungee jump queue!!

Silently I watched on as those in front of me were hoisted up 160 foot into the air before jumping off the platform with nothing but a rubber rope to support them. The queue gradually grew shorter and shorter as one screaming person after another took on the drop.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, it was my turn. Slowly I was taken up to the platform for my moment of reckoning and suddenly, miraculously, the nerves left me as the rope was tightened to me and I peered over the edge.

Without taking the time to consider my new-found bravery, I plunged myself over the edge of the platform to face my face my fear. I actually surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it and for my next challenge; I might do something even crazier – like jump off a cliff in a ‘wing suit’!

But the most important thing about all of this was that it helped raise more money for the Youth Sport Trust. When I was a young person growing up, sport gave me the chance to follow something - be something. While chasing my childhood dream of becoming a footballer, I learnt a type of discipline and focus, which I am grateful to have today.

As the founder of U Fit Studio, I want us to assist in giving other children an opportunity through the Youth Sport Trust and I am proud to be doing my bit!