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YST International - Our Work
In 2017/18 we worked in 25 countries, delivering training and sport for development projects to improve the lives of young people through physical activity and sport.
Leadership development

These interventions all aspired to address the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development – promoting good health and wellbeing, providing quality education, tackling gender inequality and reducing poverty.

British Council

Youth Sport Trust International continued to deliver services to the British Council. This has included supporting the Next Generation Gulf programme, delivering Youth Sport Leadership training to develop the facilitation and teaching skills of teachers and to encourage young people to take on active leadership and volunteering roles in sport.

Inclusive Physical Education training was delivered to practitioners in Qatar to improve confidence and knowledge to include all children in activities.

Also strengthening a partnership with the British Council in China ongoing since 2015, it continued to deliver interactive professional training for Physical Education teachers in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.


Five training interventions as part of the Nike Community Ambassador Programme were delivered in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Spain by YST International trainers to enable store employees to become volunteers and lead sports activity sessions in their local communities.

European Union

Working across Europe has continued to be a priority, sharing practice at conferences and working collaboratively with organisations in 15 countries on European Commission Erasmus+ sport funded projects which:

  • Empower sporting organisations to become active partners for schools to increase physical activity and healthy lifestyles
  • Develop a European School physical activity label to recognise good practice and encourage engagement
  • Look at the competencies gained through physical literacy and their contribution to education, the sustainable development goals and lifelong learning.


Youth Sport Trust International worked with the World Rowing Federation to integrate the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) into their existing Coach Education/Learn to Row activities to help them with promotion of the sport. Training was provided to support coaches with use of the resource, which they are now using worldwide.

Beckwith International Leadership Development Programme

Funding for the Beckwith International Leadership Development (BILD) programme in St Lucia came to an end in 2018. We are delighted that the St Lucian Government has recognised BILD as a critical intervention to enhance the skills, competencies and pathways for young people and has taken the decision to continue with the programme.


  • Island-wide coverage with 8,000 children and young people reached through sports festivals and a total of 85,000 people reached as a result of volunteering events.
  • Each of the 545 young sports leaders who have been trained aim to give 100 hours for volunteering at local and national sporting events.


  • National governing bodies for sport now approach the BILD programme for volunteers at their events, enhancing the skills of the young sport leaders by providing additional training in officiating

The programme will continue to be led by the Department of Youth Development and Sports within the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government as a way to increase aspirations amongst the young people on the island.