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International Programmes

We can help you to develop a lasting legacy that can build the confidence, aspiration and life opportunities for your country's young people.
International Programmes
Through our international programmes we can provide your country with experts in PE and school sport to help:
  • Review and share sporting best practice to help support disadvantaged young people to increase participation in sport and improve their health, life chances and educational opportunities
  • Create bespoke resources to address current needs
  • Train practitioners on site
  • Develop competition frameworks for all young people
  • Provide policy support and review
  • Knowledge share through workshops and seminars with expert speakers
Leadership Training 

Designed to assist teachers and coaches to empower young people to lead multi sport festivals, this programme helps practitioners to develop their skills and confidence to support safe and inclusive learning events. Training is delivered through a cascade model, which supports ongoing sustainability of the programme and the development of the young people involved.

Additional training modules to enhance skills include: enterprise training; safeguarding and protecting children; recycling for sport; and advanced leadership. 

Beckwith International Leadership Development (BILD)

BILD is a unique example of our leadership work, it is designed to increase the life chances of young people. By working with government ministries and local institutions, skills and expertise are retained within the country we are working with. Building upon the programme’s success in Ghana and Tanzania, the project expanded to the Caribbean in 2013, and aims to reach 179,400 young people of all abilities within the next four years. BILD upholds strong values that resonate across all of the countries involved: empowerment; gender equity; local ownership; partnership; youth leadership; self-sustainability. We are working hard to raise much needed funds to support many more young people from deprived communities. To pledge your support please click here

Top Programmes

This programme provides access to quality resources and teaching/coaching materials to support the delivery of high quality and inclusive PE and sport for ALL young people. Through our training, participants gain the knowledge and understanding about the philosophy and practice of the programme, which can then be integrated into sessions with young people and children in schools and in the wider community.

Event Ambassador Training

We have developed an event ambassador training model, which supports and trains a volunteer workforce for sporting events and leaves a lasting legacy in schools, communities and the sporting system of the host country.

For further information, please contact:

Sarah Newton

International Administrator

01509 226613

*The video on this page was made and produced by International Inspiration but provides further insight into the type of work that Youth Sport Trust and others are working hard to deliver across the globe. 

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