Inspiring people to lead healthier lives

by Technogym

Inspiring people to lead healthier livesTechnogym’s defining mission is to help people around the world lead healthier and more active lives, and we’re aware that the roots of this movement must stem from educating the youngest members of the community. Therefore the UK partnership with the Youth Sport Trust has a great synergy, thanks to the shared values and ambitions.

ukactive recently released their BluePrint for an Active Britain, which stated that “movement and play should be an integral part of every child’s life” – and this can only be achieved by all relevant parties re-examining how we can reintroduce physical activity as a norm into children’s lives. We need to go beyond simply extending PE lessons and promoting sport, and create a joined-up, comprehensive approach to get children embracing a wellness lifestyle that extends beyond the school walls and includes nutrition, movement and positive attitude.

Technogym sees its role in this change as being multi-faceted. We are well-known for our market-leading equipment and digital solutions, which allow schools to track data in order to measure pupils’ progress. However, as the Wellness Company, one of our key aims is to promote the wellbeing lifestyle and philosophy in order to inspire people to lead healthier lives. We are able to provide this to facilities, including schools, in the form of educational training from our team of highly qualified Master Trainers. Our Trainers can talk to both staff and pupils about key topics such as manageable ways to be more active, both in and outside the school setting; and the importance and benefits of a balanced and healthy diet.

We can also provide educational and motivational imagery and signage, such as our Wellness Pyramid which is perfect for placement in the canteen.

The nature of the school catchment area also lends itself to wellness initiatives, such as creating posters and literature (similar to the walking tube map that Transport for London recently released) showing children and parents how many MOVEs – Technogym’s unit for measuring physical activity – they can accumulate by walking or cycling to school, rather than being driven.

On a more basic level, a well-equipped gym provides the opportunity for learning to be done within an active setting – helping children to move away from a sedentary lifestyle. An example of a school that uses its Technogym-equipped gym in this way is Park House School and Sports College in West Berkshire.

“Students are able to learn about healthy eating, work in the ICT suite, exercise in the gym all in the same area, as well as take class-based work and continue their studies on the touchscreen incorporated within the gym equipment,” explains Head Teacher, Derek Peaple.

Technogym continues to drive progression in the area. In 2016 Technogym successfully ran the third edition of our global social campaign ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ where facilities around the UK competed to accumulate the highest number of MOVEs in order to win the ability to donate Technogym equipment to a local school of their choice. This initiative is designed to achieve multiple goals: to combat adult obesity, bring together local communities, and raise awareness of childhood inactivity. Look out for the 2017 edition information coming soon.

We will also be hosting an education roundtable at our showroom in Bracknell where we will bring together key figures in this industry to discuss the most current themes, in the hope of driving action and change. To register an interest in attending this, please contact Louisa Wright-Wastell.

Technogym and the Youth Sport Trust share a common vision, and we’re looking forward to seeing what our two organisations can achieve in the upcoming year to tackle childhood inactivity and create brighter futures for young people. 

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