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YST Innovation Schools
Promoting collaboration as a vital tool for raising standards.
How we work - Networking - Innovation schools

The Youth Sport Trust has always promoted collaboration as a vital tool for raising standards, both within schools to widen the impact of PE and school sport on whole school priorities, and between schools to share best practice and expertise.

We are bringing this spirit of collaboration to our new network of Innovation Schools. The schools will work across seven areas of specialism, using the power of PE and sport to improve young people's aspiration, attainment, achievement and employability.

Schools joining the Youth Sport Trust Innovation School network, are invited to identify one strand as a specialism. This could be either an area where success has already been proven, or it may be a new area that has been identified as a priority for the school.

Innovation Schools need to have the commitment to make the work a key focus of the school's development over the next three years and the capacity to share learning throughout the network.

To register your interest in becoming an Innovation School for any of the below areas of specialism, please click here.

Areas of specialism
  1. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) - Providing a wider range of opportunities for young SEND people to get involved
  2. Health and wellbeing - Improving physical and emotional wellbeing in young people
  3. Physical education - Promoting high quality teaching, leadership and Initial teacher education
  4. Sport - Developing young people as coaches, officials, volunteers, competitors and participants
  5. Leadership and employability - Enabling young people to develop employability skills through leadership
  6. Closing the gap - Applying innovative approaches to using PE and sport with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people
  7. Core subjects and wider curriculum development - Using PE and sport to improve attainment across the curriculum

For further information, please contact: 

Alison Sturla 

Development Manager - Whole School Achievement

07825 065174