Inclusive leadership

We have developed interventions locally and nationally to challenge perceptions and provide young people with SEND an opportunity to step onto a leadership pathway and progress into workforce roles.
Inclusive leadership
Step into Sport

Step into Sport (SiS) county events are organised and delivered by the YST Lead Inclusion Schools. They focus on the development of leadership skills in young people with SEND, with an increased emphasis on further training and deployment opportunities in workforce specific roles.

The SiS attendees are supported by a local young role model and Athlete Role Model to develop leadership skills and understand what workforce roles they could step into. Each attendee is given a voice and empowered to return to their school and be a role model for others. 

It’s more than just standing up and speaking, you have got to engage with people, look after everyone, be part of it as well as lead it 

Young person, Step into Sport (SPEAR, interim report, 2017)

What I’ve seen today is them developing their confidence, talking to each other, being comfortable outside of their comfort zone, feeling like they can achieve something, that there is something good that they can do and they can take that to their school. 

Teacher, Step into Sport (SPEAR interim report, 2017)

To find out who your Lead Inclusion School is and to get involved with the event please contact:

Gary Grieve
Project Officer - Inclusion and diversity
01509 226645

Inclusive Futures

Funded by Spirit of 2012, Inclusive Futures is a leadership and volunteering initiative for young people, with a special emphasis on inclusion. The funding for the programme ended in 2016 but we are passionate about sharing the learning and insight we gained from this unique initiative. 

Inclusive Futures gave young people aged 14-19 years old, with and without disabilities, the opportunity to work alongside each other to support and deliver physical activities in schools and communities. As part of this, the programme focused on:

  • Promoting inclusion and challenging perceptions
  • Increasing participation in physical activity
  • Empowering young people to have a voice and develop life skills

We worked with nine partners across the UK as well as the English Federation of Disability Sport, Mencap and Special Olympics GB to develop a series of toolkits, an inclusive volunteering guidance document and research into how NGBs can make qualifications more accessible. All of these can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page!

Inclusive Futures partners: Bath University, Disability Sport Northern Ireland, Sport Birmingham, Glasgow Life, Gateshead County Council, Ellesmere College Leicester, London Youth Games, Manchester County Council and Disability Sport Wales 

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