Inclusion and equality

Helping to develop inclusive physical activity across the globe.
Inclusion and equality

This programme provides access to resources and teaching/coaches materials to support the delivery of high quality and inclusive PE and sport for all young people in your country. Through our specialist training, participants gain the knowledge and understanding about the philosophy and practice of the programme, which can then be integrated into meaningful and inclusive sessions with young people, children in schools and the wider community.

The TOPs programme has been successfully delivered in 20 countries as part of the International Inspiration Programme. As a result, we have also worked with some countries to develop their very own version of the TOPs programme!

In partnership with the British Council, TOPs has been delivered in all districts of Iraq to improve physical education and sport opportunities for young people.

Also through British Council and their Sport For All programme, TOPs Sportsability has been delivered in Malaysia and Qatar with the aim of providing better PE and school sport opportunities for young disabled children as well as training for teachers. TOPs Sportsability is an effective resource that establishes the basic principles and models of inclusion and shows how best to develop them into PE and sport.

SEDY – Sport Empowers Disabled Youth 

The SEDY project aims to increase the levels of activity of children with disabilities and improve the social integration of this group. Working alongside colleagues in Lithuania, Finland, Portugal, France and Italy, we share best practice as well as develop pilots and programmes which can be tried and tested across the globe – all in the hope of obtaining more knowledge about the best ways to support those with a disability in sport. This project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and runs from 2015 to 2017.