How we work

YST Active Healthy Minds - How we work
YST Active Healthy Minds is a collaborative approach working with local partners and delivered through schools. Schools are powerful vehicles to engage those children most in need, suffering from inequality and requiring wellbeing support.

Understanding the issues

Active Healthy Minds creates a way of engaging schools in the public health landscape and integrating them with support from external services and partners. We also know that young people that require the most support are the ones that schools and health share an interest in.

Young people that are the most vulnerable in our society have challenges with their wellbeing and achievement. This is where the Active Healthy Minds approach is being seen to have the greatest impact.

Our approach

YST Active Healthy Minds is an approach committed to bringing about transformational change in schools and local communities. We believe in delivering high quality, evidence-based interventions that compliment and add value to existing school development plans and local health strategies. It is important that what we do is integrated with local service delivery and provide a coherent offer for health, sport and education partners.

This way we can maximise limited resource and capacity available to schools and create the biggest impact on children's wellbeing.

YST's approach to Active Healthy Minds

Taking action

The graphic below follows a child's journey from early years, through school, to preparing young people for the workplace. It involves addressing pinch points at key times in a child's life taking into consideration their heritage, socio-economic background, home environment, postcode, ethnicity, religious beliefs and gender.

Our networks and reach

We put young people at the heart of everything we do and aim for our work to achieve far-reaching and lasting change. Our partnership approach involves collaborating across the worlds of education, sport, health and the youth sector as well as working alongside dozens of strategic, corporate and delivery partners. 

The spirit of collaboration amplifies our reach, allowing us to achieve more with less and maximise the positive impact that we and our partners can have on young people's lives.

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