How we work

We are on a mission to build a brighter future for children and young people. We do this through a number of different ways but pride ourselves on being thought leaders through sharing best practice to mobilise others and through campaigning to increase awareness about the power of PE and school sport.

Through the solutions, learning and networking opportunities we offer we deliver our mission to maximise children and young people’s wellbeing, to build their leadership and life skills and to help them achieve beyond the classroom. We do this by developing inclusive physical literacy and character by ensuring:

  1. Every child receives the best  sporting start in life through a right to physical literacy
  2. Every young person is provided a sporting chance to succeed in life through reduced inequality
  3. Every young person will achieve their sporting best in life by developing their creativity, aspirations, resilience and empathy.

These aims are delivered by sharing best practice with primary schools (Sporting Start), secondary schools (Sporting Best) and special educational needs and disability (SEND) practitioners. We offer a wide range of resources, intervention programmes and professional training and CPD courses, which are either a government or privately-funded initiative, develop as the result of a corporate partnership or are part of the opportunities we make available to our members.

The work of Youth Sport Trust is much more extensive than just focusing on getting children into sport and we work across many areas, which can be categorised as: InclusionAchievementPhysical Education (PE)Sport and Health (including mental health). 

We also work with government and decision and policy makers at both a local and national level to ensure the best possible delivery of PE and school sport. We work with partners across all sectors to bring together an effective strategy that embeds PE and school sport into the whole school curriculum, from primary school, across the transition and through secondary school, to ensure all young people, no matter what their ability level, have access to physical activity.