HSBC Rugby Counts

Teaching financial and physical education together.

As a HSBC UK partner school, we are excited to welcome you to our latest educational development project, running this summer term in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust. The Youth Sport Trust is the leading UK youth charity improving the education and development of every child through sport and play. The intention of this new schools programme, HSBC Rugby Counts, will be to uniquely combine curriculum based financial learning with physical education and the sport of rugby, with the aim to improve understanding of basic finances in purposeful, fun and active ways.  

For this pilot, the project is using the existing association HSBC has with the sport of Rugby Sevens through its long-term partnership with the World Rugby Sevens. The physical education element of the project will be delivered through an invasion games focus, using rugby as the stimulus. The financial literacy element will be linked to the Money and Pensions Service financial literacy objectives. Pupils will participate in learning across classroom, physical education and home contexts, with weekly financial themes connecting the learning.

Information for schools

What does my school need to do to get involved in HSBC Rugby Counts?

  • Each school will need to commit to a minimum of six weeks to deliver the programme in the 2021 summer term. Our suggestion is that the project commences on w/c 10th May and runs for 3 weeks either side of half-term
  • The project will involve the full Year 3 cohort in each school, together with at least one Teacher
  • The Teacher(s) will need to attend a short virtual briefing session to become familiar with the project and the expected delivery as well as the content and resources available
  • A Weekly PE session and classroom-based lesson will then be delivered by the class teacher - followed by a home learning activity recorded by pupils in their personal tracker
  • Each school will need to complete pre and post project evaluations for teachers, pupils and parents. These will be accessible via online survey links
  • Some schools will be asked to participate in more in-depth qualitative evaluation.

What will my school receive by taking part in the HSBC Rugby Counts pilot?

The programme is built around a range of resources that consider the classroom, PE, whole school and home context, providing diverse and varied learning opportunities where children can develop the knowledge and understanding (theoretically and kinaesthetically) in order to practically apply and consolidate their learning.

Teacher Resources

  • HSBC Rugby Counts school equipment package – to support the delivery of the rugby themed PE lessons and stimulate the financial literacy connections. This may be in addition to equipment each school might already own
  • Launch pack – including launch assembly templatelaunch assembly slide deckposterswall chart, Powerpoint templates, letterheads and flyers to engage parents
  • Teacher Guide – to include orientation of delivery in a simple week by week format and providing inspiration and relevance to the wider curriculum
  • Access to an online teacher orientation session to learn more about the programme and what is involved. 
  • Six classroom lesson plans - likened to the ‘Team Talk’ element of rugby, classroom lessons focus on collaboration and teamwork to support financial learning. Rugby ambassadors, Ben Ryan and Nolli Waterman, bring financial themes to life with inspirational and informative videos. 

Download: Lesson Plan 1Lesson Plan 2Lesson Plan 3Lesson Plan 4Lesson Plan 5Lesson Plan 6

Download: Lesson 1 slide deck; Lesson 2 slide deck; Lesson 3 slide deck; Lesson 4 slide deck, Lesson 5 slide deck; Lesson 6 slide deck

  • Six PE lesson plans - likened to the ‘match day’ element of rugby, PE lessons bring to life the financial learning focus in fun, purposeful and active ways. Lessons focus on invasion games of the PE curriculum, with the lens of rugby, and develop a particular life skill, enhancing physical, personal and financial outcomes.

Download: PE lesson Plan 1PE lesson Plan 2PE lesson Plan 3PE lesson Plan 4PE lesson Plan 5PE lesson Plan 6

Pupil Resources

  • Money and Movement Tracker - Each pupil will have their own personal tracker to capture their learning, earn points and continue their reflection and emotional decision making. 
  • HSBC Midi rugby ball - to inspire and encourage pupils to be active at home linked to their physical fitness goals.
  • Player and Team of the week certificates - to reward and recognise where the rugby values have been displayed.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Before you start the pilot in your school, please take the time to complete the pre project surveys available via the links below. All surveys need to be completed by Monday 10 May. Any questions please contact [email protected].

Many thanks for your support in piloting this new and exciting project, we really hope your staff, pupils and parents find it fun and engaging!

Follow-up Research

Please click on any of the links below to download: