Heather Fisher

YST Heather Fisher


Heather’s career has taken her through plenty of twists and turns over the years. Starting out in rugby at the age of 16, she joined Britain’s women’s bobsleigh team in 2006, when Heather found herself faced with an opportunity that left her with big decisions to make.

After a three-year sabbatical in bobsleigh Heather returned to the rugby playing field to follow her dream of playing the game internationally. She went on to play for the England 7s in the 2009 World Cup squad, followed by the 2010 15s Rugby World Cup.

Heather competes internationally for 7s and 15s, and in 2014 was part of the winning IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup squad that beat Canada in the final in France. She now has her vision set on Rio 2016 where rugby sevens will be staged.

Heather is currently a contracted 7s player, training full time. In addition to her achievements on the pitch, Heather spends a lot of time in the gym as a strength and conditioning PT for her consultancy business, 'Ignite', where she mentors, teaches and trains young athletes and individuals who are either aiming for the top or just want to keep in good shape.

Heather has a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Physical Education from the University of Wales, and is starting her Masters in strength and conditioning this year at the University of Gloucestershire.

Heather believes that hard work, with the right attitude, will equal success in any walk of life.

On her appointment as an Athlete Mentor Heather comments: "I hope that I can inspire the pupils I meet to believe in their own abilities and to realise the great things they can achieve through commitment and perseverance."

Sporting Achievements:

  • World Cup winner.