Health and Wellbeing

YST Health and Wellbeing
As we work towards a future where every child enjoys the life-changing benefits that come from play and sport, there can be no bigger priority than addressing the dramatic decline in children’s health and wellbeing.

Time and again research shows that young people who are inactive and suffer from the greatest health inequalities are the least likely to achieve their potential and benefit from the power of sport to help them in life.

Our Health and Wellbeing work incorporates three key areas of focus – pysical, social and emotional wellbeing. Use the tiles below to find out more about how to engage inactive and vulnerable young people in your activities. Each section includes top tips, resources, case studies and relevant YST programmes.

Physical Health

The essence of every YST programme and intervention starts with children moving more to benefit their physical health.
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Social Health

With the increases in technology and social media, the increases in community safety issues and the focus on academic rigour; children’s social wellbeing is becoming a central issue to their overall health and happiness.
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Emotional Health

The issue of declining wellbeing has never been more apparent when looking at the rise in mental health problems suffered by children of all ages.
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