Headteacher Ambassadors

YST Headteacher Ambassadors
A national network that informs local and national policy makers in education, sport and health as well as contributing to our strategy and future direction.

Our Headteacher Ambassadors are part of a national network that informs local and national policy makers in education, sport and health as well as contributing to our strategy and future direction.

We ask them to:
  • Champion within their own schools the importance of PE, physical activity and sport to ensure that their school’s provision is of the highest quality 

  • Advocate with local Headteachers on behalf of the YST to increase the number of schools that appreciate the impact that high quality PE, regular physical activity and sport can have on young people and whole school outcomes

  • Influence local and national policy makers by encouraging them to recognise the many benefits to society of attending to the physical, mental and emotional needs of children and young people 

  • Advise the Youth Sport Trust on the challenges facing schools and help us ensure that our work remains at the cutting edge.

To support this mission, we provide:

  • Regular contact with a YST Development Manager (DM) - the first point of contact for local and regional advocacy work
  • Regular emails containing national policy updates, opportunities to contribute to the education, sport and health debates and a ‘call to action’ - a specific task we would like them to carry out as part of a coordinated network of influential school leaders
  • A toolkit to assist them to carry out their role as Headteacher Ambassadors - a  selection of ‘Powerpoint’ slides that can be personalised for a variety of audiences and purposes
  • A dedicated area of the website containing relevant information, for example, resources, case studies, event details and important contacts
  • Termly virtual, regional and national networking and professional development events – various opportunities to hear from senior YST colleagues, key education, sport and health stakeholders and policy makers and meet up with other Headteacher Ambassadors.
We believe that being a part of the Headteacher Ambassador Network will be of value to you and your school. You can:
  • Access national policy makers and stakeholders to give you the most accurate and up-to-date information about key issues within education, sport and health
  • Get early access to any of our new programmes and interventions and the chance to get involved in new funding opportunities 
  • Access professional development opportunities for you and your staff through our links with corporate partners and our YST Business Members 
  • Contribute to, and benefit from, the mutual support of like-minded senior school leaders with a wealth of collective expertise and experience, through formal and informal networking opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the network, or know of a colleague who may be interested, please contact: