Girls Active Coaches Camp

YST Girls Active Coaches Camp
The Youth Sport Trust’s Girls Active Coaches Camp (GACC) is a residential opportunity, most recently held at Loughborough University in April 2019, for 150 girls aged 15-17.

The selected girls are currently engaged within county Coach/Activator academies, developing their skills as coaches and deliverers within the school setting. This national residential opportunity will provide some of the most promising young girls with an opportunity to come together to further develop their coaching/activator skills on a national platform.

Through the content and the camp experience we aim to support the girls to:

  • Have increased confidence to influence their peers about physical activity choices and ensuring the right opportunities are available
  • Develop aspirations and action plans to create and influence change in their school
  • Further develop their understanding of the motivations of others to translate this into physical activity sessions which appeal to their audience of some of the least active girls within school
  • Become effective coaches when delivering sessions for participation and enjoyment
  • Be upskilled with specific leadership and delivery skills in a non-traditional school sport activity
  • Feel prepared to deliver a participation festival and six weeks of coaching to girls not currently engaged on their return to school
  • Feel inspired to continue with their coaching journey beyond the Girls Active Coaches programme.

During the residential weekend, the girls will experience core content delivered by the YST’s Learning Academy team, keynote speakers, they will create new friendships, experience new opportunities and be challenged and stretched often beyond their comfort zone.

We really enjoyed the experience, we feel really inspired from it and we are so glad that we got the opportunity. It is something we'll always remember and skills we'll always have now.                                                                             

Ella Daly and Georgia Rowland, Coaches Camp attendees 2018

The Girls Active Coaches camp is built on the success of our broader Girls Active work, offering a further developmental opportunity for girls to take their personal development to the next level. Evidence from the 2017/18 Girls as Coaches and Activators programme indicated a clear desire from participants to engage in a coaching role. Once girls have been engaged in an influencing role, there is an appetite to transition from marketer to activator and continue their journey as female leaders within sport in a more formal coaching role. 

As identified through several Youth Sport Trust interventions, the strength of peer leadership and influencing from within social groups is clear. Appropriate and relevant role models have been shown to have an impact on participation. By empowering young women to take action within their schools and communities has a dual benefit, on both the confidence and aspirations of the young women themselves and as a result the influence they have amongst their peers.

For further information, please contact:
Izzy Perry
Project Officer - Sport