Girls Active Awards 2019 - Personal Growth

YST Girls Active Awards 2019 - Personal Growth
The personal growth award recognises a personal journey, the development of CARE skills (creativity, aspiration, resilience and empathy), as well as improved student behaviour, attitude and/or wellbeing.

There are five nominees in this category. One nominee will be revealed each week from Monday 30 September through to Monday 28 October. The winner will be announced at the start of November. The nominees are listed below.

Roxanne Pegg 

Roxanne Pegg from the Bluecoat Wollaton school in Nottingham has been shortlisted for the Girls Active Personal Growth Award 2019.

Being extremely quiet at school can mean you face challenges in joining in with others, particularly when it comes to sports activities and teams. As a selective mute, Roxanne was really quiet at school in Year 7 and 8. This year however, she has shown determination to develop into her role as part of the Girls Active programme, which has had a huge influence on her.

Roxanne has been leading dance classes at lunch and after school every week as well as choreographed a group of Y7s who performed at the Sports Awards in front of 100s of people. Not only that, but she organised buying leotards for the group of girls so that they felt part of a team too.

“Roxanne has totally transformed as part of the Girls Active programme. She now oozes confidence and is eager to run more clubs. Not only is she confident and proud to be one of our GLAMS, she has had a massive impact on her peers” says Mrs Jones, the teacher from Bluecoat Wollaton who nominated Roxanne.

Roxanne is pictured in the middle of the photo.

Grace Bateman

Grace Bateman from Lancaster Girls Grammar School has been shortlisted for the Personal Growth Girls Active Award.

After never getting chosen for sports teams in primary school, she arrived at secondary school wanting to play and soon thrived at being given an opportunity, taking part in over 100 sports sessions in Year 7! She went on to play football, hockey, netball ad summer sports in Year 8 and was elected to the student sports team and organised and enabled other girls to get involved.

As sports ambassador she actively promotes sport in school and organises activities for current and future Year 7s. She also found players for an out of school netball tournament and volunteers at school sports events.

Grace told us: “I chose to do sport because I wanted to have fun. I have had fun and so much more. Sport has changed my life for the better.”

Martin Bateman, Grace’s Dad, who nominated her said: “High school is a new experience for every student. It has been great to see Grace thrive and develop in the sporting environment at her school.”

Batoull Misurati 

Batoull has been shortlisted for the Girls Active Personal Growth Award and is in Year 10 at Manor Academy, a Special Educational Needs school in Sale, Manchester.

Head of PE at the School Mr Grainger said: “I am immensely proud of our very own Batoull Misurati being shortlisted for the ‘Personal Growth’ award. This is truly one of our most successful achievement to do with sport at our school.

Our pupils generally struggle with academic work and very rarely achieve accolades of this calibre due to their specific special educational needs.

I am honoured to be Batoull’s teacher, she is an inspiration to all pupils, not only girls, for the amazing progress she has made personally since joining Manor Academy and we sincerely believe that she fully deserves this award.”

Manor Academy’s ‘Girls Without Boundaries’ is part of their Girls Active initiative and since joining the programme Batoull’s experience of school sport dramatically changed, impacting all aspects of her school life in a positive way, not least whilst performing with the dance group.

Now actively involved, she seeks out staff and other pupils to express how happy and excited she is to be part of it and speaks up within the group to voice her opinions and feelings.

Rhea Groves

Rhea has been shortlisted for the Personal Growth Award and is from Slated Row School, a special educational needs school in Milton Keynes.

“I am thrilled to hear Rhea has been shortlisted for the Personal Growth Award” says Mrs Byrne, PE Lead, Slated Row School.

“She is committed to her dance and cheerleading at Girls Active and has come such a long way in the last few years. She has blossomed and I hope she continues to shine on her Leadership journey. This is very well deserved and I wish her every success with winning this category.”

Rhea joined the school at the beginning of year 9, having been in a mainstream school up until this point she was negative about herself and about having Downs Syndrome. This meant that she was timid and shy and initially wouldn’t join in during lessons or Girls Active.

However, enjoying the music, Rhea started to join in and soon shared that she liked cheer leading, which the school began to try, booking an outside coach to come in.

You can read more about her experience on Girls Active here as she was featured after being nominated for the award.

Evelyn Davies 

Evelyn Davis from The Redhill Academy in Nottingham has been shortlisted for the Personal Growth Girls Active Award.

Having started off in Year 7 not enjoying participating in PE or physical activity, she was invited by the GLAMS to Girls Active which has totally transformed Evelyn’s passion for sport. Growing in confidence, she soon started attending lunch time and after school activities and even put herself forward to attend the school sports day. The change in Evelyn’s resilience, participation and confidence to try new things saw her nominated and shortlisted for the Personal Growth Award.

Mrs Davis, Evelyn’s PE teacher who nominated her for the award said: “When I first met Evelyn at the start of year 7 her perception of PE lessons and physical activity were negative. Evelyn found it hard to work as part of a group and was very shy. Since working with the GLAMs and attending the Girls Active sessions the change in Evelyn's attitude and effort in PE lessons is unrecognisable. Evelyn now attends various extra-curricular clubs and has started riding her bike to and from school every day.

“It is so lovely to see Evelyn enjoy being physically active and be able to work well within a group with students of the same age but also older students.”

Evelyn told us: “I like PE because I love working with my friends in groups and working with the teachers who encourage me and cheer me on! My favourite sport at the minute is archery which I look forward to every week. I enjoy the calmness and precision of archery and I have also seen a massive improvement in my ability which has encouraged me to keep going.

“Outside of school I have started to do cycling and running. Before I didn't enjoy these at all but because of Girls Active I enjoy going to PE and even did some of these things in the holidays. My favourite thing about PE now is that I feel healthier and it always makes me happy when I have had a good PE session. I love doing sports!”

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