Girls Active Awards 2019 - Influencer

YST Girls Active Awards 2019 - Influencer
The influencer award recognises someone who has persuaded and encouraged non-active peers to get active, changed perceptions about sport and physical activity, and influenced decision makers to take on a new approach.

There are five nominees in this category. One nominee will be revealed each week from Monday 30 September through to Monday 28 October. The winner will be announced at the start of November. The nominees are listed below.

Emily Brocklesby 

Emily Brocklesby from Ivanhoe College in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, has been shortlisted for the Girls Active Influencer Award.

Emily, who is 14, made a huge impact on Ivanhoe College’s Girls Active programme and worked as a ‘Miss Motivator’, improving girls’ participation in PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

One of a team of girls who decided that a Girls Active club would be a good idea, Emily worked hard to encourage over 100 girls to participate in a variety of activities throughout the year. She also took on a major role within the hockey club and was the driver behind the addition of a skort to the school’s PE kit.

Emily told us: “I became a Miss Motivator because I wanted to give every girl the opportunity to get involved with PE and clubs, and just have a go at something new. Sport and exercise is one of the best ways to maintain positive mental health. I have a real passion for this because of serious mental health issues that led to the loss of a family friends.

“Girls these days have so much pressure to look a certain way, and do certain things. Don’t get me wrong, practicality of PE kit is essential, but I just thought there are far nicer things for the summer than baggy, bright blue shorts. I have been playing hockey for about 2 years now and part of our kit is a skort. Not only does it look much more lady-like and flattering, it makes our school look so much smarter, whilst still being practical for many sports including hockey, tennis, badminton, netball- the list goes on.

“Any girl that I asked around school about introducing skorts jumped at the prospect of not having to wear the shorts. So, as part of my involvement with Girls Active, I suggested it to the PE department, and came up with the skort design that is now available to buy as part of the Invanhoe kit. I also designed the t-shirts and hoodies for our Miss Motivator team to encourage more people to step up and join us.”

Miss Smith, Emily’s PE Teacher who nominated her for the award said: “Emily made the voice of the students heard and brought about change. She met with kit manufacturers and presented to the PE department and now girls will feel more comfortable in their skorts. Emily has grown in confidence as a Miss Motivator and has been driven by a passion to succeed and bring in change before she left the school. She has been so organised at bringing about that change and has had a large influence on our PE department for next year.”

Avani Burmi 

Avani Burmi, from St Michael’s Catholic school in High Wycombe, has been shortlisted for the Personal Growth Girls Active Award.

As well as encouraging girls to join Girls Active sessions by going around to tutor groups, Avani decided to lead a petition to change the PE kit to include leggings as many girls felt uncomfortable in the shorts and tracksuit bottoms. She achieved over 100 signatures and now many of the girls now wear the new kit.

Avani has always enjoyed sport herself but lacked self-confidence. By becoming a Girls Active leader, she was empowered to believe she could make a difference. She came back from the Girls Active festival and was far more involved in sports clubs and felt confidence enough to compete in inter-school fixtures.

Avani told us: “Being shortlisted is amazing and really unexpected as I didn’t know Miss had nominated me! I really like our Girls Active club as I feel comfortable being around other people who are like me and there’s a really good atmosphere in the sports hall every week.”

On her involvement in the leggings petition she added; “I discussed it with my friend Amirah and we found that lots of girls felt uncomfortable in the shorts or tracksuit bottoms so we started the petititon. I feel like it’s impacted the school and shows if you work hard, you can achieve something.”

The school’s PE Department said: “As a PE department and as a school, we are extremely proud of Avani being shortlisted for the award. She was the spokeswoman for so many girls and made a change that has impacted the whole school. Avani has grown in confidence as a leader and is an outstanding role model to her peers and our younger students. She has shown that by taking ownership of something, young people can have an important voice in changing perceptions and attitudes towards female participation in sport.”

Eve Andrews

Eve has been shortlisted for the Girls Active Influencer Award and is now in Year 8 from John Colet School.

She was nominated down to her commitment to the programme, not missing a single session, and working hard to influence other students in her school. Every morning Eve goes around the form groups to advertise the programme and explaining the different activities that are on offer, encouraging them to attend.

Having only joined the school at the start of the school year, the programme has not only grown Eve’s confidence but helped her to settle into life at a new school, finding friends throughout the school years. Eve has encouraged some of the most disengaged year 10 students and some students with special needs to attend the programme on a weekly basis.

Miss Tallyn, the teacher who nominated Eve said: “Eve has made an outstanding contribution to our schools’ Girls Active programme. She has encouraged over 100 students to take part in physical activity.

Her enthusiasm and commitment towards physical activity has played a vital role in making our programme so successful.”

Eve told us; “I am so pleased to have been shortlisted for a girls active award. Becoming a GLAM has developed my understanding of leadership and marketing and it has developed my confidence in a number of ways. It has made me feel that I have a very important role in developing people’s views on physical education.”

Calla Crome

Calla Crome from Cambourne Village College in Cambridgeshire has been shortlisted for the Influencer Girls Active Award.

After speaking with girls at school, Calla petitioned for an afterschool girls rugby club and volunteered her time to make it happen. She also ran the Girls Active club every week for girls who feel less confident in PE and sport and continued to get girls involved in PE and extra-curricular sports clubs, leading to her being nominated for the award.

Not only has she proven herself to be committed and hardworking as part of Girls Active, but she’s engaged and influenced other girls across school and changed the perceptions of rugby, now leading a club of more than 20 girls.

The PE Department who nominated Calla said: “Calla has been an inspiration to girls at our school. From when she joined in year 7 to now, in year 11, she has fought constantly to incorporate girls’ rugby into the curriculum and as an extra-curricular club, including a petition to persuade staff on the interest.

“She has worked relentlessly at encouraging more and more girls to participate in rugby. From the first session where there were only four she never gave up and has persevered to build the club which has got bigger and bigger.

“This year alone she has grown our girls’ rugby club to consistently 20 plus, the rugby team are currently entered into two local festivals and one national cup. She has started a club at the local primary school and has challenged the PE staff to be teaching rugby in our girls PE classes.”

Calla told us: “After being told by a coach that I wouldn’t succeed at rugby because I was a girl, I was motivated to convince all girls to feel they have the strength to conquer anything they put their minds to. Since starting rugby, many girls have felt more confident not only in sport but also in themselves. I wish for all girls to know that they can succeed in anything, regardless of gender, race or age – which is why I want to continue this with primary schools to encourage the next generation of girls.”

Hadiya Akbar 

Hadiya Akbar from Pendle Vale College in Lancashire has been shortlisted for the Girls Active Influencer Award.

Not only has Hadiya proved herself to be passionate about the benefits of sport and a committed role model for the Girls Active programme, she has used her story to encourage other girls to balance their studies, both in school and at mosque, with being more active.

Hadiya, now in Year 9, organised an inter-form tournament for years 7 and 8, an assembly to speak to girls about the importance of exercise and spoke to girls and her local mosque about attending extra-curricular sessions and still being able to attend mosque.

“Hadiya is an amazing student who has been a fantastic role model for students throughout school, especially the girls with Asian heritage” said Miss Parkinson, Hadiya’s PE Teacher who nominated her.

“Her ability to balance her academic studies, mosque studies, attend extra-curricular and attend mosque lessons is impressive. She is very passionate about sport and loves to share that with others to encourage them to also get involved. I am extremely proud of this young lady for being shortlisted!”

Hadiya told us: “I am delighted and honoured to be shortlisted for this award. To win this award wouldn’t just be for me but the whole school GLAMs. Knowing my efforts are not going to waste and that I am not only inspiring girls in my year but also other years is a big achievement and it’s great to see a difference in girls sport at school.”

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