Girls Active Awards 2019 - Future Leader

YST Girls Active Awards 2019 - Future Leader
The future leader award is a primary school award which recognises an individual who has helped the teacher and/or mentor to deliver sport and physical activity session. They should also have encouraged others to take part, set a good example, and be passionate and enthusiastic.

There are five nominees in this category. One nominee will be revealed each week from Monday 30 September through to Monday 28 October. The winner will be announced at the start of November. The nominees are listed below.

Sanjana Chopra

Sanjana Chopra, from Graisely Primary in Wolverhampton, has been shortlisted for the Future Leader Girls Active Award.

Not only has her own commitment and passion for sport inspired other girls at school, Sanjana’s ability to coach, encourage and support her classmates has seen her shortlisted for this award.

Whilst sometimes shy, when it comes to taking part in sport her confidence really shines through, her teacher Mr Clarke, who nominated her tells us.

“Sanjana always gives 110% in all sporting activities and sets a good example to others. She often helps to officiate games and helps her fellow students in PE, after school clubs and extra-curricular activities.”

“She is a true credit to herself how she adapts to different situations and inspires those around her, particularly other girls in her class. Sanjana is able to achieve what many professional coaches struggle with and inspires young girls around her to take part in physical activity.”

Having become a strong swimmer through lessons outside of school, she soon began offering coaching and support when her class took part in lessons, demonstrating different techniques and helping the swimming coaches. In netball she helps officiate as well as gives players help with how to play and what they can try to do to improve next time.

It was this attitude to support her peers as well as the teachers in classes which stood out in the shortlisting process.

Darcey Phillips

Darcey Phillips from John Wilkinson Primary in Shropshire has been shortlisted for the Future Leader Girls Active Award 2019.

Following her active leader training, Darcey sought out an opportunity to engage non-active children in school. From designing posters to organising and running two breaktime clubs a week, Darcey has given over 50 children the opportunity to participate in and enjoy sport.

Recognising that playing team sports can be daunting to quieter children, she researched Olympic and Paralympic values and used these to create awards for children who displayed those values in the club. Darcey constantly sought out opportunities to involve other children in sporting activities and to make their experience the best it can be.

Mrs Mansfield, Darcey’s teacher who nominated her said: “Darcey is a natural leader who can always be relied upon to run her clubs and help with any additional tasks required. She is superbly organised and does everything to the best of her ability. She is a fantastic asset to our school and we are so proud of the role model she has become.”

On being shortlisted Darcey told us: “I am really proud of setting up the breaktime clubs in school – watching people enjoying sport makes me really happy. Being shortlisted for this award shows that by just being the best you can be, amazing things can happen to you.”

Grace Terry

Grace Terry from Shiney Row Primary School in Houghton-le-Spring, has been shortlisted for the Future Leader Girls Active Award.

Grace has now moved on to secondary school but at her time at Shiney Row, she was their chief GLAM and was responsible for blogging on the schools’ School Games website, updating information and also developing content for the school’s website, including setting up a GLAMS section to advertise to other girls.

Committed to making a difference, Grace analysed data from questionnaires to find out what girls wanted and she also presented a ‘GLAM of the week’ certificate/trophy on a Friday in assembly, to the girl who had tried the hardest each week. The awards system extended to a loyalty scheme whereby girls got stamps for each extra-curricular session they attended. Once they got to 20, they get to attend the GLAMS party at the end of term free of charge.

Miss Armstrong, Grace’s PE teacher who nominated her for the award said: "Grace is a mature and confident young leader, who has grown and inspired other girls to participate in sports over the last year. She was chief GLAM (Girls Leadership and Marketing Squad) and dedicated her time to help other girls increase their confidence and change their mindset about sport. Girls participation rates increased by 19% from the start of the year to the end, because of the input and hard work from the GLAM'S. I have no doubt that Grace will continue to be a positive role model to others and an excellent young leader in secondary school. Well done Grace." 

Jessica Lowery

Jessica Lowery from Burradon Community Primary School in Tyne and Wear has been shortlisted for the Future Leader Girls Active Award.

Showing huge enthusiasm for sport and PE throughout the year, Jessica enthused her peers within PE lessons and led warm-ups alongside other sports crew members.

Jessica started up her own breakfast club activity programme for the younger children in school, involving skipping festival activities, gymnastics activities and running small team games.

Encouraging others to be part of activities during and before school and being a positive role model to younger children as well as her peers in school led to her being nominated for the Future Leader award.

On being shortlisted, Jessica told us: “I am really happy, so proud of myself for getting this far! I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given.”

Miss Baty, Jessica’s PE Teacher who nominated her for the award said: “Jessica has shown huge enthusiasm and has been an active member of our school. She is always approaching us with new ideas and what activities she can lead outside at play times and lunch times.

“Jessica has developed skills over the year that will help her in Year 6. Her enthusiasm for sport in school shines through and is addictive to others, she will no doubt enthuse others in the future and shape extra-curricular activities within school and beyond.”

Grace Martindale

Grace has been shortlisted for the Future Leader Award and is from Clavering Primary School in Hartlepool.

She was nominated by several teachers, her mother Claire and several other students from Clavering Primary School for the award. Grace has played a huge role in organising and promoting the school’s Girls Active Programme.

Mr McAvoy, Deputy Headteacher and PESSPA Programme Director and Matthew Stoddard, PESSPA Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Girls Active Coordinator shared with us: “Grace’s energy, excitement and enthusiasm to see girls’ lives transformed through our Girls Active programme at Clavering has been both inspirational and infectious. Our programme continues to be a huge success in terms of self-confidence, self-belief and participation, largely through the commitment and influence of our Girls Active Leaders who are positive and influential role models across our school.

As Grace moves on into secondary school, she has already made it her mission to carry on her role as a Girls Active Leader. The countless skills that she has developed as well as the ability to be creative and innovative should make it easy for her to step into leadership roles in secondary school and beyond. She is truly an inspirational future leader.”

Grace told us: “I am so excited (not to mention completely shocked) to be nominated for the Future Leader award.

I’m delighted that those who nominated me believe I am a leader and an inspiration to other girls, even though I’m only eleven years old.”

Sport is my passion. No one sport in particular; I just LOVE team sports with a group of friends, or individual ones where I’m determined to be the best I can be.

At first, I found it difficult to understand why all other girls didn’t love sport in the same way as me. I was determined to share my love of sport with girls in my school and set up and lead physical activities and events, both in and out of school. I wanted to get them involved and hoped to change their attitudes, empowering them to find the sports that were right for them.

Over time, they have now come to realise that sport can be fun and being active keeps everyone both healthy and happy. Today, we have nothing but happy and bright faces in our sports all or playing out on the field.

I believe girls are unstoppable – we can enjoy anything we put our hearts into!”

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