Get Exam Fit

YST Get Exam Fit
Get Exam Fit is a package of support to help students build in confidence, manage their physical and emotional wellbeing and achieve their potential in school exams.

Through our research, one in three teachers cited exam pressures as a reason for reducing the amount of curriculum PE time. Get Exam Fit however uses this time to target this pressure and ensure young people are well equipped to deal with these stresses.

The initiative supports progress and attainment across the whole school and tackles declining emotional wellbeing and resilience to enable young people to manage stress effectively. Using high profile athletes and supporting resources, Get Exam Fit aims to create a behaviour change in young people. It utilises the athletes’ experience of managing high pressured situations and developing strategies to alleviate stress and anxiety.

From a recent national pilot, it was found there were reduced referrals to school based wellbeing services and most pupils improved on their predicted GCSE grades.

Virtual Athlete Mentor visits

Building on our face to face offer, we are now offering virtual one-hour sessions, which can be designed to meet a range of current challenges. Find out more.

Get Exam Fit package Details
You will receive four half-day athlete mentor workshops plus practitioner, parent and young person resources.