GCSE & A-level physical education consultation

by Phil Chamberlain, External Relations Director, Youth Sport Trust

The Department for Education has launched a consultation asking for your views on the proposed new content of physical education GCSEs and A-levels.

The new content, developed by awarding organisations in partnership with subject associations, will be taught from 2016 onwards and is designed to better prepare students for further and higher education and employment.

According to the Government, the reformed GCSEs will provide young people with more fulfilling and demanding courses of study, while the new A-level content is designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed for progression to undergraduate study.

In GCSE physical education, rigour has been increased by sharpening the definition of what is expected of students and emphasising the theoretical knowledge needed to underpin physical activity and practical performance.

At A-level, a new section on the role of technology in sport and physical activity has been included in the content for the first time.

The Youth Sport Trust is encouraging all schools, and PE departments in particular, to engage in the consultation.

To make your views heard, respond online to the consultation here. The deadline for submissions is 19 September 2014.