Free Home Learning Resources - Early Years

YST Free Home Learning Resources - Early Years
Getting your children moving more and making activities fun in the early years will give your child a great start in life and get them ready for school.

Why is this important?

  • Movement helps children develop a lifelong interest in physical activity
  • It lets them find out about all the different things they can do with their body
  • It keeps them physically and mentally healthy, and makes them smile
  • It gives them confidence and helps them feel good about themselves
  • It helps develop their muscles and bones and gives them more brain power
  • It helps build relationships with others, through playing with you and other children.

Why now?

  • The current Coronavirus pandemic means children are moving far less at a vital stage of their physical and emotional development
  • Being inactive and sitting too long starts the build-up of bad fats in the body which can cause serious health issues in later life
  • The increase in the use of technology means that children spend more time sitting looking at a screen
  • It is proven that healthy minds come from the experiences children have. Activity creates more connections within the brain.

How can we help?

Try any of our resources which you can download from the list below:

These resources are taken from our Healthy Movers toolkit, which is available now via our webshop.

You can also read the Early Years physical literacy framework available here.

Early Years Healthy Movers competition

Our Healthy Movers Home Packs are a great way of finding ways to play with your under 5s and keep them active. There are ideas for games and activities you can do around the home that help with children’s physical development and the social and emotional skills they will need to be ready for school. We are giving away a Healthy Movers Home Pack, along with a VI Headset for the best 10 videos shared with our social media channels.

To get involved:

  1. Between 11-15 May, take a video showing how you are being creative playing with your children, aged 5 or under, and keeping them moving during lockdown
  2. Share on Twitter or Facebook tagging @youthsporttrust and using the hashtag #HealthyMovers.

Tag us in as many videos as you like, but only one prize can be won per household.

Ready Set Ride resources

The Youth Sport Trust have been commissioned by British Cycling and HSBC UK to design resources to help children to learn to ride. Using an activity pack, online video resources and app, parents, teachers and carers are supported to teach children the essential skills needed to ride a bike while having fun playing together. 

Click here for three free resources. Additional resources can be accessed by creating a free account.