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YST Free Home Learning Resources
The Youth Sport Trust is a national children’s charity, on a mission to pioneer new ways of using sport to improve children’s wellbeing and give them a brighter future. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent or a carer, we want to work with you.

About Us

Our new YouGov research reveals that 62% of parents believe pupil wellbeing is more important than academic attainment.

In this our 25th Anniversary year we are proud to launch the Well School Movement whose aim is to create a national network of schools and partners, sharing best practice and helping each other to create an environment in which wellbeing is placed at the heart of every school.

We have a range of innovative resources to help more children enjoy the benefits of PE and physical activity both in and outside of school.

Our fantastic field team works with individual schools, helping them to embed the values and learning from sport through the whole school and providing CPD for PE teachers - you can find out more about our membership offer here.

We work with a huge range of partners on over 50 diverse programmes in 100s of schools up and down the country, improving the lives of young people, empowering them and teaching them invaluable skills such as leadership, resilience and empathy.

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Our Free Resources

We hope that you enjoy these free resources that we have made available to you. These will be there for you as long as you need them through this difficult time. If they have helped you and your family, then please consider supporting the work of Youth Sport Trust so we can continue our mission. Any amount that you donate will be gratefully received and, with your help, we can continue our vital work with young people. Alternatively, you can check out our other fundraising opportunities here.

We would like teachers and parents/carers to consider setting fun challenges and PE activities that enable young people to plan, do and review. General physical activity can also provide valuable, fun breaks in the day and support wider learning.

We have worked in partnership with our key partner, Complete PE, to create some easy to follow activity cards and will be sharing these via social media to support parents/carers in bringing the ideas to life. These activities can be completed within your home environments and can be adapted to suit a range of ages and abilities.

Please adapt these activities to suit the needs of your young people and consider the wider skills each activity is aimed to develop.

There's also a growing range of additional resources available across the four key sections outlined below.

PE Home Learning

PE activities that can be done individually or in pairs/small groups with a focus on the development of physical competence and actively learning the importance of personal skills to support social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

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Active Breaks

These are general fun physical activities for children to do throughout the day as a way to get active, have fun as a family and break up the day. Examples include hide and seek, den or fort building and 'hot potato' ball games.

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60 Second Challenges

A fun ‘compete against yourself’ approach to physical activity with a focus on resilience and perseverance and the aim to achieve bronze, silver or gold medal aims. We have a range of activity cards and videos.

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Active Learning

Teaching wider school subjects such as English and Maths in a physical way so as to reduce children sitting for too long and making the learning fun e.g. timestable squats.

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